Good vs. bad habits, how to play rummy without novice moves

The Complete Rules for Rummy

The good thing about rummy is that it is a simple game with fairly simple rules. It doesn’t take a genius to play rummy. Once you learn all the basic rules, you can start enjoying this captivating card game.

However, if you are a beginner, it is pretty easy for you to make mistakes owing to your inexperience in the game. Even if certain moves don’t necessarily go against the rules of rummy, they can end up weakening your game and make you lose by a huge margin. There are certainly good and smart habits you should develop while playing rummy, in order to put your best foot forward. Read this article to learn more about what these habits are.

Good vs. bad habits while playing rummy

  • Prioritizing your actions

One of the novice moves which newbie rummy players make is not prioritizing how to meld their cards. Forming a pure sequence should be one of the foremost priorities of rummy players. If you declare and show your hand without a pure sequence in your hand, your hand would be considered invalid. Moreover, in the event that you lose, having a pure sequence helps you lower your points. Hence, it is important to form a habit of prioritizing your actions in rummy.

  • Joker cards

Another good habit to form when you play rummy is to know how to use joker cards wisely. Joker cards can be used as substitutes for any other cards when making an impure sequence. It is important to know how to use this to the best of your advantage. However, hoarding too many joker cards isn’t a smart idea, as you also need to make sets and a pure sequence out of your melded cards to win in rummy.

  • Dropping the game

It is not smart to keep pursuing a game of rummy, despite being dealt a bad hand. You should make it a habit to analyze your cards properly, and figure out if it is possible for you to meld it into valid sets and sequences. In case you cannot, you should drop your hand early in the game to collect as few as possible. Pursuing a bad hand until the end of the game will only mean that you lose with high points.

  • Setting limits

When you play rummy, it is important to know when to set limits to your spendings. If you are a newbie in cash rummy, who has just had a streak of wins, you might want to play more and more cash rummy games. However, it is important to keep track of your spending. More so, when you have been losing in cash rummy. It is better to form a habit to practice on free games before you indulge in cash rummy.


To summarize, playing rummy is pretty simple and fun. However, in order to maximize your gains in rummy, you should take notice of all the bad habits you might be developing. Instead, focus on building better habits and finding better strategies for your game.

If you want to work on your rummy habits, try out the RummyPassion app today.

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