Great For My Family’s Traditional Annual Fishing Trip

Every year, my son, my son-in-law, my two grandsons, my great nephew and I go on an annual fishing trip to Lake Champlain to commemorate my late brother-in-law. We started the trip with him, and it went on for three years before he passed away. We decided to continue the trip in his memory. It’s not quite the same, but we enjoy it, and we know he would have wanted us to continue on with it.

The four of us adults are all into fly fishing. The kids, not so much yet, but in time. We didn’t always take the younger kids. We started taking each one when they turned 8. It seemed like a good age where they had a little more awareness out by the water. They are aged 9, 10, 12 and 13. They all like traditional spin fishing, and when they get bored with it, they have each other to stay entertained.

Taking 4 kids means less space in our vehicle, even though I had a 7 seater SUV, and more chances for someone to get hurt by doing something silly on the 6 hour ride up to the lake. The adults had made the decision some time ago that we needed a more convenient way to transport our fly fishing rods.

My son-in-law mentioned that a coworker bought a Riversmith River Quiver Rod Carrier from Trouts Fly Fishing. I took a look into it to see if it was what was right for us. From what I gathered it looked like it would do the job and I thought it was great. I made sure I had all of the key information at the ready.

I brought it to the group, and we unanimously decided to give it a shot. We split the cost between the 4 of us, since it would be holding each of our fly fishing rods for this trip specifically. We installed it with no issues and were excited to try it out for the first time when our trip finally rolled around.

Everything went off without a hitch. It was nicely secured, it didn’t move or make a lot of noise. The best part was that our fly fishing rods were safe on a pretty long voyage. We had the space back that we needed for the kids and whatever random things needed to be in the main part of the vehicle that the kids deemed absolutely necessary to have with them.

Overall, our trip is just smoother with this product. The travel from an outside perspective, meaning outside of the vehicle, is great. We have no worries when it comes to the security of our equipment.

The inside situation, meaning in the actual vehicle, is a lot nicer as well. The kids have the space to be kids, within the confines of their seatbelts, but it cuts down on arguments and injuries and makes for easier snack passing.

This trip means a lot to us, and anything that contributes to enhancing that is welcomed by us. I highly recommend this rod carrier to anyone I know that enjoys fly fishing. It’s such a great way to travel with ease.

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