How do I Choose the Best Optional for the UPSC Civil Services Exam?

The UPSC exam consists of three phases: prelims, main phase, and interview. Among these three stages, the primary test is the most important; consisting of approximately 86% of the total scores (1750 marks out of 2025 marks).

In the main exam, candidates must choose an optional from UPSC’s list of 26 optionals. Each voluntary topic contains two papers of 250 marks, which is approximately 30% of the leading exam (500 marks of 1750 marks). Candidates are free to choose any of the listed subjects, regardless of their academic background.

This blog outlines some essential points to keep in mind when choosing an optional topic are: –

  1. Education and areas of interest: –

By reading books 11 and 12 of the NCERT standard books, you can quickly determine the topic of interest. A look at the optional curriculum will give you a clear idea of ​​the subject that interests you. You must choose optional with awareness and enthusiasm for instance: –

(a) For trade streams, you can choose between commerce, accounting, economics, public administration, and administration.

(b) For engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and civil engineering are custom options offered by UPSC. Graduates of the College of Engineering have the flexibility to choose between Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics.

(c) For medical students, UPSC offers medicine as an optional.

(d) Students with a scientific background have many options to choose from—botany, zoology, sociology for UPSC, anthropology, psychology, and chemistry.

  1. Optional topics related to general research methods are: –

Some optionals, such as public administration, geography, history, sociology optional for UPSC, politics, and economics, are part of the general studies (GS) thesis because they contain components of the GS curriculum. Choosing one of these subjects will give you the added benefit of covering the GS curriculum while preparing the option.

  1. Whether coaching is available for selected optionals:-

Yes, many coaching institutions allow civil servants to follow the right strategies in preparation for optional subject. Each institute has its expertise in this area, based on the university it has for optional. Few institutions offer coaching in areas such as anthropology, philosophy, livestock, and agriculture. Therefore, applicants will have to rely heavily on self-preparation for such subjects. On the other side of the spectrum, most laboratories offer coaching in public administration, politics, geography, history, economics, psychology, and sociology. These topics are more popular because the curriculum overlaps with the GS assignments.

You need to choose a coaching institution with a good reputation and a proven track record in the past. You can ask your family, friends, and colleagues or search for yourself on the Internet to find the best IAS coaching institution to teach the optional of your choice. Speed ​​up your preparation with up-to-date learning materials and classroom coaching from the most trusted coachingcenters.

  1. Results of optional for the last three years:-

Filter performance depends on many parameters. It is unwise to choose a particular topic based solely on previous findings. However, for academic interest, you can see the results available online.

  1. Strategic time management:-

Time is an essential resource for everyone! Effective and efficient scheduling and self-discipline to keep the schedule are prerequisites for the success of any exam. The importance of time management for entrance exams, which is the most difficult in India, needs no further emphasis.

Preparing for the civil service exam requires continuous and effective effort and a balanced routine.The plan should be created after an honest self-assessment of your strengths and weaknesses to cover the syllabus. You need to take into account the time required for practice revisions and practice. It all comes down to a practical and efficient schedule and his tireless efforts.

If you are to begin the preparation for Civil Services exam, it is recommended to join one of the

best IAS coaching in Delhi. Coaching does not only provide teaching and updated study materials, but they also contribute to developing personality as per requirement of a bureaucracy.

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