How To Check How Much Money Is Left On A Visa Gift Card

The Visa gift card has become the perfect replacement for Amazon gift cards. Not only are they one of the preferred options for parents and grandparents to give an attractive gift to their children and grandchildren, but they also allow you to use them in any store.

There are some compulsive shoppers who decide to give themselves a gift card Visa to avoid falling into temptation and overspending, especially during the sale and holiday seasons, such as Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, or Christmas.

Check Visa Gift Balance Step By Step

You can verify the vanilla visa gift card balance in two ways: through a phone call or, in some cases, online.

Free Call To The Card’s Phone Number

To check the Visa gift balance through a phone call, look for the phone number on the back of the card. This call will be completely free, and the number was specifically designed to verify the balance of Visa gift cards.

Follow the system prompts. Remember to have the gift card at hand because they will ask for the number, the date of issue or expiration, and the security code.

Check Visa Gift Balance Online

Not all Visa gift cards allow this option. Verification of the remaining balance will depend on the card issuer. Below you will find a list of the issuers that have enabled -until now- the verification of funds for Visa gift cards online:

  • Walmart
  • Federal Navy
  • Visa Vanilla Gift Cards
  • Gift Card Mall
  • Commerce Bank

What To Do When The Visa Gift Card Runs Out Of Balance?

If you checked the Visa gift balance and note that there is no money left, you can discard the card. Remember that, being a gift card and not a prepaid card, you will not be able to recharge it with more money.

However, if you have bought a mobile phone, a television or some household appliance, you may prefer to keep it. If you need to return it for factory defects, the store will ask you for the card you used to pay.

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