How to Decorate Fruit Basket for Any Occasion?

A fruit basket you get from a flower delivery Singapore should make a great present for everyone. Whether you are looking for a hospitality gift or a holiday gift, a fruit basket will always make an appropriate thing to bring on any occasion.

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Besides, a fruit basket not only offers a bunch of healthy snacks for someone but also provides additional beauty in their home. It can make your interior look great by simply adding it to the dining table or other corners around the home.

More interestingly, a fruit basket tends to be more affordable than others, making it perfect for everyone’s pocket. If you bring it as a holiday present, it may last through the season and still provide a whole family with a lot of tasty treats.

Most providers of gift delivery service Singapore offer a collection of fruit baskets. You can choose a basket that suits your taste and budget. However, if you want to try decorating a fruit basket by yourself, this following information will help.

Prepare Everything Needed for a Fruit Basket

Who doesn’t want to have a basket filled with perfectly arranged fruits? This basket will give a striking touch on your table while offering a source of nutrition. Of course, you can purchase a fruit basket as get well soon hamper. But, if you like to customize it yourself, check these tips.

  1. Pick your container

First of all, you should select a basket. You can go for the traditional wicker basket or use another container that looks fascinating. Get some ideas of the gifts offered by the delivery service Singapore. Then, make sure the container is enough for your fruits.

  1. Cushion the bottom

It is important to fill the bottom of your package with something like raffia strips, shredded paper, or plastic basket grass. If you pick a petty basket, it tends to require a slender bed of filler only to support the produces.

However, if you choose a deeper one, make sure the filler is thick enough to support the fruits. The filler will help to make the fruits more visible as well. In addition to a basket, you can consider flower pots, boxes, or pails as the container.

  1. Select the fruits

A delivery service Singapore tends to offer an array selection of fruits. Meanwhile, your basket can consist of fruits you like or the ones that the recipient enjoys. Oranges, grapes, pineapples, bananas, and apples are among the most popular fruits for gift baskets.

Arrange the Fruits and Gift Items Carefully

After preparing the basket and the fruits, you will need extra items to decorate the final result. In this case, you can include nuts, packages of coffee or tea, candies, and candles. A bottle of wine, as well as wrapped crackers and cheese, make a good choice too.

Now, it is time to arrange your fruit basket. Remember to always start with the heaviest and biggest items. Make sure to put the hugest fruits in the center of the container. After that, you can set the smaller ones around the edges.

Just like a basket offered by a delivery service Singapore, you should fill the gaps with the smallest pieces of items. Once you finish with the fruits, move on to the additional items. Simply tuck in them to complete the basket.

To make sure everything is in place, you may need to move the fruits. Similar to the way you arrange the fruits, set the bigger items in the middle, and scatter smaller pieces like nuts or candies throughout the basket.

Decorate the Fruit Basket with a Final Touch

Finally, it is time to finish the decoration with a plastic wrapper and a big bow. You can take advantage of wire to attach the ribbon to the basket’s outer edge. Some baskets from a delivery service Singapore may have a ribbon on the handle too.

You can be creative about the way to use the ribbon. Just make sure to get a ribbon that has a contrasting color with the fruits so that it looks more outstanding. For the fruits, your basket needs fruits that are dense and unblemished.

In conclusion, creating a fruit basket is not that difficult. You just need to prepare for a basket, fruits, filler, and bow. However, if you just don’t have time to arrange a fruit basket yourself, get one from a gift delivery service Singapore will be a better choice.


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