How to Spread Kindness this Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to get into the holiday spirit than by spreading kindness and cheer to others? Now is the time of year to show others you appreciate them and all they’ve done for you this year. If you are looking for ideas to get started, here are some helpful ways to give back to others who may be less fortunate, show people you appreciate them, and spread kindness to strangers and loved ones alike.

Send Cards

Did you know that writing kindness cards is a great way to spread cheer to others? You can share some heartfelt sentiments and spread the joy of the holiday season to the people in your life who matter most by sharing kindness cards.

Make a Child’s Christmas 

Each year, children all over the world go without during the holidays. Make a difference in a child’s life this holiday season by buying them gifts so they have something under the tree on Christmas morning. You can find local organizations who provide angel tree tags for people who are interested in helping a child in need. Your gifts may make a difference for a child who may otherwise not receive anything for Christmas.

Pay it Forward 

Next time you’re in line at the drive thru, pay it forward by paying for a stranger’s meal behind you. They’ll appreciate this unexpected surprise and may even pay it forward by paying for the meal of the person behind them. Other small ways to pay it forward are to pay for a stranger’s meal at a restaurant, cover a child’s lunch debt at a local school, or have a meal delivered to a family in need.

Giving back is a rewarding feeling and not only spreads joy to others, but can also make you feel good too. By following these helpful tips, you’ll be able to spread kindness and cheer to others during this holiday season.

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