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How to pick a good plant pot which keeps your plants healthy


If you are a nature and garden lover then to buy planters online in India can be quite a fun and rejuvenating activity to do. This convenient way of modern day shopping lets you have a good look at a wide variety of plant pots online and saves your time by not making you hop from one store to another. However, the critical point here is to know how to select the most suitable plant pot that will maintain a good health of your plant. Here are a few quick guidelines that will help you in learning the process and making the right choice.

Zero down on the correct pot size

Choosing a plant pot of the right size often decides the lifespan of the plant. The reason being, the extra large or extra small pots can harm a plant in a subtle and more internal way while you are busy paying attention to its external enemies. An excessively large pot, for example, delays the drying out of the water from the soil. This in turn makes the roots of a plant rot. On the other hand, if the pot is too small compared to the size of the plant, it will make the soil dry out prematurely making you be on your toes constantly to water it very frequently. It can also impair the usual growth of a plant. It also goes without saying that a plant that is oversized in comparison to its pot, often tends to topple down because of the incompatible weight correlation. Hence, the most important tip here is to choose a pot that is approximately one-third as tall as the plant that it is going to house in it. 


Prioritize drainage before the décor

There are many plants that don’t grow well if their container stores stagnant water. If yours is also a plant that is one of them, ensure that you are picking a pot that has a proper drainage hole created at the bottom. This way, the excess water will find its way out and air circulation wouldn’t become an issue. If you are going to put this plant pot on a non-grassy surface, you will need to put it in a tray or an apparatus similar that will not allow the excess water to go all over the place. On the other hand, if your heart is set on a pot that doesn’t really have a drainage hole in it, you will need to remain very careful and vigilant about watering it rightly as to not to drown it by overdoing it. Check out the plant pots online to explore the options.


Pay attention to the material of the pot

It is important to be mindful when it comes to choosing the material that a pot is made of. It has practical implications on the health, look and lifespan of a plant. Consider the type of the plant, its size and other plant specific requirements while opting for the pots of a particular material. From ceramic to stone and everything in-between, there are a number of varieties when it comes to the material. Here are a few evergreen ones and their peculiarities that will help you have an insight during the pot selection process.


Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP)  Pots

As you check out the planters online in India, you will find an array of Fiber Reinforced plastic pots. Not scoring a little less on the good looks compared to the three listed below, the FRP pots are hugely popular for their durability and cheaper price. They are good at retaining the moisture and hence make as the ideal choice for hanging by being lightweight.


Concrete pots :

They are the ideal choice for the larger sized plants as they give sturdy support and can handle the weight by being heavy themselves. Moreover, a concrete pot also facilitates a suitable soil environment and thereby protects the roots. Its natural insulating properties come to a good use in this scenario.


Terra-cotta pots : 

Go for a terra-cotta pot for the material’s rich iron component and quality to breathe since it is crafted from the porous clay. Since it lets a good air circulation happen, it aids in cooling the temperature of the pot soil and dries out the extra moisture at the roots of the plant. This in turn contributes in keeping a plant healthy. Avoid using them in the extremely sunny conditions as the harsh sunlight may cause this fragile material to dry out very quickly. They are quite suitable for succulents, orchids, cacti and bromeliads. However, there are also glazed terra-cotta pots available that are believed to have better water retention capacity.


Wooden pots :

Some of the many winning points of the wooden pots are that they hold the water a lot better than many other pot types and are comparatively lighter in weight. These aspects make them a practical, aesthetic and natural looking choice for the plants that have such requirements. Ideally, the redwood or cedar is the best kind of wood for the purpose as it is rot-resistant. Make sure that you go for a wooden pot that scores high on its quality construction as this natural material tend to expand and shrink.



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