Interesting Facts That Melbourne Residents Need to Know About

If you have just recently gotten a promotion at work, there is no doubt that you would celebrate the occasion at a fancy restaurant in Melbourne. You have many restaurant options like The Hardware Club, where they have the famous chicken neck sausage. And after the nice meal, the next stop would be at a dessert shop in Melbourne, preferably the Ganache Chocolate shop, where they offer various desserts.

Since the pandemic happened, everyone has not gotten the chance to go to their favourite dessert shops. However, people turn to the service of cupcake same day delivery in Melbourne, especially if they need their cupcake fix as quickly as possible. But do you truly know your cupcakes? You can find many interesting facts about cupcakes that you can use as a conversation starter in the future!

Fact #1: How the word “cupcake” started

You can find that the word “cupcake” became well-known during the 19th century for cakes made from several ingredients measured by the cup. Most bakers knew the original pound cake recipe easily because of its pound of sugar, butter, eggs, and flour.

And when they were making the cupcakes, the ingredients were measured by a cup of butter, two cups of sugar, three cups of flour, and four eggs. Each of the ingredients was measured in cups, thus the invention of the word “cupcake.” The earliest form of cupcakes was baked in ramekins or teacups before multi-cup pans were invented.

Fact #2: Brides Use Cupcakes More Often on Weddings

You should know that more and more weddings in Melbourne use cupcakes rather than the traditional single wedding cake. They use cupcakes more often now because wedding planners can alter them in many ways. You can arrange and design using cupcakes in any way you can, ensuring that you will not run out of ideas for your wedding theme.

You can get creative with cupcakes compared to a single wedding cake. Also, it will not be a hassle serving them since everyone can get a piece of cupcake, which you can precisely estimate by the number of visitors you have at the wedding party. And if you do not have a wedding cake prepared for the reception, you can contact the service of cupcake same day delivery in Melbourne right away!

Fact #3: National Day of Cupcakes

If you are an avid cupcake eater, you can find that there are days where you can celebrate eating cupcakes with your Melbourne friends and families. You have October 18, November 10, and December 15 to celebrate the wonders of cupcakes. On October 18, it is considered the National Chocolate Cupcake Day, where you can celebrate the sweetness of small chocolate cakes.

On November 10, you can replace your chocolate cupcakes with vanilla ones to create some diversity. And lastly, December 15 is National Cupcake Day. You can call anyone over to your house in Melbourne and celebrate it with a wide range of elegantly designed cupcakes. The only thing you have to do is how you can make your cupcakes stand out from the usual cupcake.

You can never go wrong when you know a store in Melbourne that can deliver cupcakes to your doorstep on the same day. If you have sudden cupcake cravings, they are the ones you can rely on to give you the best-tasting cupcakes at a moment’s notice.

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