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Interior design 101: All about working with a design service!

The role of an interior designer extends beyond cosmetic things. Designers and décor professionals bring scalability and transparency to a project, and their foremost objective is to deliver on client expectations. Everything from client requests and needs to the architecture, design constraints and budget, an interior design service is expected to consider every aspect, and based on these factors, the design team will offer a comprehensive plan with an estimate. If you are wondering how it works with an interior designer and want to collaborate better for your home, below are some of the pointers that may come in handy.

Find the right service

Believe it or not, there is nothing more important and relevant than selecting a reliable interior design service for your project. Keep in mind that interior designers often have different approaches to the project, and you need a service that fits your needs and has worked on projects that have a similar feel and theme as yours. Don’t shy away from checking some of their previous work, get references if need be, and do review their projects in pictures.

Be specific with your memo

As a homeowner and investor, you need to be very specific with your memo. If you have liked a few pictures, layouts or interior design themes, be open about sharing the same. Also, do share all the details of the functionalities you need. For instance, you may want a modular kitchen that has space for appliances within the modules or cabinets. The ideal option is to write down everything. When your designs and suggestions are feasible, the interior designer will let you know and can create an estimate around that, while in other cases, he may suggest alternatives.

Have a say in everything

From selecting the materials and finishes for your interior elements to discussing the vendors, timeline of work and other aspects, you should have a say in everything. Find an interior design team that’s open to collaboration and will seek your inputs. Being in sync with the design process is necessary, and you have to find the progress in real time. Do not forget to establish a mode of communication early on. There should be someone in the design team answering all your questions, no matter how frequently.

Discussing the pricing

Full-service interior design companies will keep a tab on every aspect. From suggesting the designs and finalizing the plan, to create a comprehensive project outline, offering an estimate and procuring the materials, they will do it all. They will also coordinate with the vendors and contractors, to ensure that the work is done on time. Of course, they have a price for the work they do and everything else required to complete the project, and as a new client, you should insist on getting an estimate in advance. It should be a detailed estimate ideally, which must have itemized prices for everything. How the payments are to be done is another aspect to consider, because you would want to pay in parts, and that should be clearly mentioned in the contract.

In conclusion

If you select a reliable team in Singapore for your home interior work, there isn’t much that you need to do besides keeping a check on the work. Make sure that everything that’s promised by a company is mentioned on the condo or HDB renovation packages they offer such as https://www.acvision.com.sg/bto-standard-renovation-package.


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