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Key Benefits Of Having A Feng Shui Dragon Statue In Your Home

The Feng Shui dragon has been credited with bringing good luck to the houses of those who have them. The Feng Shui dragon symbol can be found on traditional Chinese artifacts like bracelets, clothes, coins, sculptures, and so on. According to Chinese mythology, the Feng Shui dragon is the bringer of rain, seasons, great prosperity, and success.

The myth surrounding the dragon’s notoriety has several variations depending on who you ask, but there are some common elements. On the Chinese zodiac signs, the dragon is the fourth sign and is so placed because of its chivalry. Supposedly, the dragon gave up its first position for the rabbit when it helped ferry it across a river. Its season and wind-changing abilities stem from there.

Also, Feng Shui is said to have rescued a village plagued with drought by bringing the rain to heal the land. This was followed by great joy, good luck, success, and a bountiful harvest. This belief is still held to this very day.

Often depicted as a four-legged snake with beards, the Chinese version of the Feng Shui dragon is gentle, benevolent, and courageous. Although many cultures have their depictions of the dragon, here are some benefits reported by believers in Feng Shui.

Some Of The Benefits Of Having A Feng Shui Dragon Statue In Your Home

Feng Shui dragon statues come in different designs, and each one brings benefits when used right. You can shop for a large collection of Dragon statues at Heka Statue. First, let’s check out the benefits.

 1. The Feng Shui Dragon With The Wish-Granting Pearl

If your Feng Shui dragon comes with a pearl, it means that you will experience blessings and joy. The luster of the jewel represents radiance like the sun, and dispels darkness and evil from your abode.

As the rays from the sun hit the crystal, the energy in and around your house is balanced and purified.

 2. The Green Eastward-looking Feng Shui Dragon

The Feng Shui dragon is said to be connected to the Earth and the sun. So, the best way to attract its blessing is when it is placed facing the East. The green or jade dragon is said to bring good luck, wealth, and success.

If you don’t have a green or jade Feng Shui dragon, any blue-colored one will suffice.

 3. A Pair Of Feng Shui Dragons On Either Side Of Your Front Door

Placing a pair of Feng Shui dragon statues on either side of your front door attracts good luck. They also act as guards and ward off evil and darkness. Also, both Feng Shui dragons will bring good luck and blessings to everyone who comes into your house.

Feng Shui dragons differ from each other by design and color, and each color is symbolic. For example :

  • The color red is said to bring good inspiration and success to people, as well as growth ;
  • The brown or bronze Feng Shui dragon statues attract joy, energy, as well as abundance to those who bear it ;
  • The color white is said to attract good health and support to every house it is present in ;
  • The green or transparent Feng Shui dragon will attract abundant wealth and wisdom to those who have them. They also help boost your confidence when you take on a new project or life journey ;
  • The colors grey and black are said to bring the owner blessings of wisdom, wealth, and prosperity. They also help guide you in making the right choices when it comes to investments and saving ;
  • The Feng Shui dragon tortoise will boost your influence and authority in any setting. It also attracts promotions at your job.

Whatever color of Feng Shui dragon you’re looking to buy, you can never go wrong with any of the colors above.

Having dragon symbols on your clothing, amulets, and accessories will help balance your spiritual energy. Once these energies (the yin and yang) energies have reached a balance, all good things will come to you.

Be sure, however, to avoid placing Feng Shui dragon statues and pictures wrongly or in the wrong places. Otherwise, your Feng Shui dragon statue will not bring the desired blessings.

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