Krama Yoga – The Best and Powerful Contrology

If one wants to have the mind and body relaxed, yoga would be the best option to choose. Yoga helps a person get control over their body through various options. These options include breathing exercises, different postures, relaxation and meditation. Krama Yoga is the quality yoga practice usually observed in the west side of the world. This yoga has many centres in the country where; the first yoga school was established in Sydney and is the best centre of Jrama Yoga in Newtown. The school is run by many dedicated Yoga teachers and helps people in finding peace and control.

What Is Krama Yoga?

The word Krama is a Sanskrit originated word, which means sequence or series. So it means Krama Yoga has its series and sequence to follow by the people performing it through step by step training and progress. Keep reading to know about Krama Yoga in detail.


The word Hang-sau means ‘Ham-sa’-the word kriya means ‘acting with consciousness’. This aasan(position) is similar to Pranayama(breathing exercise) in regular Yoga. It helps develop concentration skills and mind focusing as it utilises a universal mantra(chant) while acting. It includes the startling vibration through inhaling and exhaling the breath. It is one of the simple forms in Krama Yoga.


Yoga Nidra has its variations and forms where people can follow the forms they are comfortable with and this form of aasan means Yogic rest. In this, the person performing the aasan would be conscious mentally whereas, only the physical body will be in a sleeping position. It is yet another simple aasan on the list of Krama Yoga and, this form helps a person move away from bad habits and is the best healing procedure for many.


There is a list of postures on the list. These postures include:

  1. Kriya asana – Salutation pose
  2. Kriya Surya namaskar – Science of sun worship
  3. Sarvangasana – shoulder stand
  4. Matsyasana – Fish pose
  5. Nidra kokku asana – Standing crane pose
  6. Villasana – Bow pose
  7. Viparita Karani asana – Topsy turvy pose
  8. Pathi meenasana – half-fish pose
  9. Vrischikasana – scorpion pose
  10. Sirsh asana – headstand


A mantra is a chant with ordained sounds and syllables. These chants must be mentally repeated while performing the aasan and, it creates a set of vibration and the best relief in the minds. There are various mantras for different problems and categories. They include the time and space mantra, love mantra, mindset mantra etc.


It is one of the most toxic experiences preoccupied with the mind with the worst past experiences. In other words, it is an anxious state of mind that lets people get into imaginary scenarios and raises anxiety levels. Therefore, it is necessary to have self-caring periods in a day to day life. Krama Yoga helps a person to reach the levels of self-fulfilment and self-satisfaction. When one focuses on Hong-Sau Kriya, one can have the courage to focus on the present life moments and make the best decisions. 


Healing Pranayama is the best way to heal one’s soul. It makes people help each other and, once after a person practises it for a while, the person can heal others using this form. This form helps people to clean their soul from toxicity and virulent thoughts. 

Krama Yoga has its rules and conditions to follow. However, one can say that Krama Yoga is the best natural process for curing many aspects like depression and other mindset problems. Jrama Yoga in Newtown is one of the best yoga schools across the world. So go and get your membership today.

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