Video calling is something which is now days in trend and major medium through which people can see their loved ones. To make video call what one must have is internet connection, webcam and a microphone. These are things which are vital for video call. Internet connection is easily available now days. But the major problem which we face in video call is video and audio problem. For this purpose in the current COVID 19 problem there are no electronics shops or technician available or open to solve the problem. So, one can check their microphone and webcam by the help of online mic test or online webcam test. There are several free online website which provide free of cost online testing all you have to do is reach the website and follow the instructions.

The microphones or mic used in the laptops are generally in built but for computer an external mic or microphone has to be attached to it. To check and evaluate the proper functioning and working of the mic there are various application available online. One can also check it on online website also without installing any application in the laptop or computer by searching for mic test on internet. They not only check the working and functioning of the microphone but also provide you the problems which you may be facing. Some of the online mic test not only detect the error and problem with the device but also mention and solves the problems one may be facing. That’s why online mic testis very easy and readily available for testing the functioning of mic.A mic it is also known as microphone in the world of electronics. A microphone or mic is a gadget which transforms sound vibrations happening in the air into electronic gestures or scribes them to a recording standard. The first microphone in previous time consists of a liquid constructed device that practices a diaphragm accord to a current charges needle in a weak sulfuric acid solution. But as time progressed and advancement in science and technology gained, the design and use of mic were also improved. There are different types of microphones based upon their use and feature the each one have. Some of which are listed below-

  • Studios Mics for Vocals
  • USB Microphones
  • Wireless Microphone System
  • Shotgun Microphones

On the other hand a webcam is a camera that is connected or in built in the computers or laptops. Webcam are used for the purpose of the capturing the photos or shooting the videos. Webcam are also used for the purpose of the video calling. The first webcam was actually used to keep the eye on the coffee level. Webcam has also been improved with the development of the time and advancement in the technology.

So if there are no help around you for the checking the webcam and mic there is no issue to be tensed, as you can go for the online tester availbe.

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