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Pros and Cons of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass or synthetic grass is quite trendy these days. It’s long-lasting to save a lot of hustle bustle and gives a beautiful look. If we start counting on its benefits, then they might not end. But some people also oppose artificial grass as it is not natural. Well, the truth is everything has its pros and cons, synthetic grass does too. Sometimes when we visit the markets, the pros and cons of a product confuse us a lot. These points will help you in the matter.

  • Quality
  • Durability:
  • Variety:

If you compromise on any of it, then you may waste your time, energy and money again and again. It can be frustrating and one can be annoyed because of this repeating process of buying and repairing.

Pros and Cons of Artificial grass:

When you decide to buy artificial grass, these pros and cons will also help you in purchasing the grass of your choice.


  • Low maintenance: Artificial grass is indeed a low maintenance accessory for your lawn and grounds. It’s hard to maintain natural grass; that might need lots of water and proper care to keep the look pleasant. On the other hand, artificial grass doesn’t need that type of maintenance – juts install it once and enjoy a beautiful look every day. Not only this, you don’t need any repair to keep it alive; it is like a once a lifetime investment for your lawn.
  • Always green grass: Artificial grass is made up of plastic fibers with anti-UV-light coating that keeps it green for a long time, and the color never fades up due to sunlight.
  • Allergy resistance: If you are allergic to pollen, then no doubt artificial grass is your choice. It doesn’t grow, so say goodbye to any fear of pollen.
  • Clean look in rainy weather: In the rainy season artificial grass is something which remains clean with no fuss of mud.
  • Smooth surface: Kids love to play outside, and when it comes to original green, the surface is generally soft and sometimes humps develop in it. These humps can cause children accidents and injuries- whereas artificial grass surfaces are always smooth.



  • Artificial grass is hot: Of course, it will be hot. It is made up of plastic fibers. A big lawn with so much artificial grass might cause the atmosphere to get hotter than it already is. Synthetic grass for these reasons is a right choice for colder places.
  • Toxic chemicals: Not all artificial grass is of good quality and plastic might be poisonous. While manufacturing the artificial grass, some companies might put some chemicals and toxins to make it look more durable. If you are not selecting from a trustworthy place, then it can bring risk at your place.
  • Odor build-up: If you don’t take care of its maintenance, then it might get fester and leave an odor. People with pets have to be extra cautious as it is not a natural soil so that it will be polluted with their wastes.
  • Not natural lover’s product: Artificial grass is made up of plastic and does not contain any essential item so people who want natural products they should not go for it.
  • First-time installation might be expensive: When you install artificial grass for the first time, it can be comparatively high.

* The pros and cons depend on the quality of artificial grass. If the quality of artificial turf is right, then you might not have to face hazards of toxic chemicals and high prices. Moreover, many companies are supplying the best quality grass with durability at affordable prices. Product quality and installation decide how long your lawn will work. Right quality products usually come with warranties so it will also provide you with the peace of mind.

* A natural grass is comparatively low at the time of the installation, but it requires lifelong care and maintenance. On the other hand, artificial grass is just a one-time investment. If you look closely, you may find that the cons of artificial grass are avoidable. In the end the decision is yours, select what looks best for you.

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