Reasons Dogs Attack the Door When You Leave

Dogs often attack the door when their owner leaves because they suffer separation anxiety. However, this is not the only cause of distress. Keep reading to learn more.

The Case of Separation Anxiety

Often, the dog suffers from separation anxiety and attacks the door when you leave. It is always the case of struggling to cope, and as a result, the dog gets made angry. It is similar to what happens when humans lash out when frustrated.

The Case of territorial Aggression

Sometimes pups want to mark their territories. For example, if you wonder why your dog attacks the door when you leave, chances are that it is trying to defend its space from intruders. As such, it attacks the door whenever someone comes to the door to tell them they are not welcomed.

The case of Loneliness

Loneliness is a dog’s worst fear. So when they feel lonely, they take their aggression out of the door because they associate it with the owner going out and not coming back.

The Case of Boredom

Aggression in dogs can also be triggered by boredom. When the dog has nothing to do and it’s locked indoors, it tries to have some fun, and the door is often the major or first culprit of entertainment.

Attempts to Get Out

 Few dogs enjoy being locked indoors. Therefore, many tend to fuss with the door, hoping to get a way out.

A Case of Natural Instincts

Dogs are originally wild animals. As a result, they sometimes tend to attack the door, especially when the dogs are more than one. This is often an instinct, especially when the pack leader has something to prove.

Stopping Dogs from Attacking the Door

Dogs do not have to attack the door constantly. However, there are certain things you can do to stop this behavior.

Have them Trained

Find a behavioral dog trainer that understands the cause of aggression in separation anxiety. They will be able to ensure the dog understands and interpret its owner leaving the house without being aggressive. Make sure to find the right trainer, though.

Having your Family Members Support

You can have someone in the family take the dog somewhere when you live. This diverted attention can help shift the dog’s focus and significantly reduce their anxiety. Be sure to find a suitable family member that will not become a target of the dog’s attack.

Associate your Leaving with Positivity

You can pet the dog, give them a treat with reassurances, and encourage the dog to wait for you. Most dogs are brilliant and will wait for you to come back. The idea is to leave the dog happy when going out.

Exercise or Go for Walks with the Dog Before Leaving

In case the separation anxiety is too severe, one of the best ways to deal with it is to ensure you leave the dog tired. They will;l be so exhausted that the most they can do is sleep.

Also, ensure your dog is well fed and attended to before leaving. Houston Raw Pet Foods are known for its surroundings and the best raw dog foods in the area. So get your dog healthy raw foods and never ignore their door attacks.

Buy the best raw treats and reward the dog whenever you leave the house.

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