Rummy Gaming Makes Lockdown Life Simpler

Are you struggling to adjust to the life indoors? Do you think life has turned topsy-turvy in the last few months and you don’t know how to handle these challenges? You are not an odd one out. There are many out there struggling immensely to cope with this lockdown lifestyle. It is not easy to stay indoors with the same people for long without communicating with the outside world. There are several ways this may impact you unless you have a proper diversion. Khelplay Rummy has simplified life for rummy players by allowing them to explore their rummy gaming skills. Here we have listed out the different ways in which Khelplay Rummy online gaming makes life simpler for all those stuck indoors due to the Covid19 Pandemic:

A Good Way to Enjoy Sitting at Home

Rummy players around the globe will find a nice place to enjoy themselves even during the lockdown. They do not have to go out looking for likeminded people to enjoy a session of rummy games anymore. They can easily find company to play rummy online on Khelplay Rummy.

While many of the common ways to spend time happily vanish with the lockdown, you can still enjoy rummy with friends using the Khelplay Rummy app. You can invite friends to join you in a practice session of rummy gaming. You may also join tourneys and competitions in rummy online and show your true gaming skills.

An Easy Way to De-stress

When you are forced to cope with a new and unexpected lifestyle, stress is a side effect. Stress may also result from the fear of Covid19 pandemic that is affecting people in different parts of the world. Since the pandemic has cost several lives in the powerful nations of the world, a fear and resultant stress are natural.

Khelplay Rummy is the perfect platform for all such stressed rummy lovers to de-stress. It is the exact place where you can forget about all your problems and enjoy your favourite card game online. A person who enjoys rummy in all forms cannot miss this app. The app uses terminology similar to the offline card games played at homes. This makes it easy for the player to get familiarised with the game. There are many variations of rummy card game that you can explore on this app. Here we have listed them out for you to have a clear idea:

Types based on the number of cards used:

10 card rummy game: In this variation, each player is distributed 10 cards by the dealer. The Goal of each player is to complete the hand before anyone else. In this variation of rummy games, one pure sequence is regarded as life.

13 cards rummy game: This is the standard variation of rummy card games. In this variation, each player is distributed 13 cards each. One pure or natural sequence and one real or artificial sequence constitute the life in this variation.

21 cards rummy game: As the name rightly suggests, in this variation each player gets 21 cards each. Life is formed by one pure sequence and one real sequence as in case of the standard rummy variation.

27 cards rummy game: In this variation, the number of cards distributed to each player is 27. Remaining rules vary a bit based on the game type.

Types based on the way the winner is decided:

Points Rummy: This is a variation of rummy card games that ends in a single round. The winner is decided at the end of this round. There is no great significance to points in this variant because the game ends in one round.

Pool Rummy: This is one type of series rummy card game available on Khelplay Rummy app. The cut off points are decided at the beginning of the game in this form of rummy game. Khelplay Rummy offers you to choose between 101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy.

Deals Rummy: This is yet another series card game available on Khelplay Rummy. Here the winner of the game is decided at the end of fixed number of deals. On Khelplay Rummy app, the player can choose between 2 Deals Rummy, 3 Deals Rummy and 6 Deals Rummy options.

When there are so many options to choose from, a true rummy fan has no chance to get bored. He can try different types of rummy games and see how to alter the strategies to win each variation.

A Simple Way to Sharpen Your Brain Skills

There are some additional incentives associated with rummy gaming. People who play rummy online frequently tend to acquire certain brain skills. This is not always necessary but the game does train your brain. Since the game requires you to be a bit organised and arrange your cards in a certain way, good players tend to acquire this as a habit. They are organised in their approaches. The game also teaches and wee bit of money management skills when you learn to manage the points in your hand.

A Great Way to Make Money Online

The app is also an excellent place to encash upon your rummy gaming skills. If you are a good rummy player, the app is a great place for you to explore these skills. You just need to choose real chips and go for cash playing on Khelplay Rummy. Win a few rummy tourneys and you will make a lot of money sitting at home. Some of these tournaments also offer gadgets and smartphone devices as rewards for winning.

A Quick Way to Stay in Touch with Rummy Circles

A good rummy player is sure to have several contacts in the rummy circles. This game will allow you to stay in touch with such friends through constant gaming. You can invite your friends to different variations of rummy card games. Each time your friend accepts an invite to the app, you are also rewarded with some bonus chips. Even your friend gets to enjoy some entry bonus.

So, wait no more! Go and download the Khelplay Rummy app and enjoy a simple life during lockdown enjoying with friends in rummy circles.

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