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Steps to move home furniture

Transfer of luggage is one of the things that causes concern for every family because it fears during moving, going down and going up with furniture from breaking or cracking some valuable pieces and also the loss of the valuable luggage form due to wrong transportation methods and for this we presented you with an article today to remind you of the things and arrangements that each family must take into account When making the transition from one house to another new house and we will list the important points that if followed, we will avoid many and many losses of transporting the furniture, then continue with us.

The necessary instructions to properly transfer the furniture to a new home

First: Place identification stickers on the luggage transport boxes

These stickers prevent us from losing anything that is in the furniture transfer boxes and makes us get to what we need faster and arrange it when we get to the new house with ease so I am keen to buy good quality stickers so that they do not fall during the transportation of the boxes so everything that goes into the system is easy for its owner and facilitates a lot of Things save him time.

Second: Performing the correct measurement of the rooms in the new house before moving

The measurement must be taken for the rooms in the new house so that we know whether to take the luggage that we have or not or if we decide to buy a new luggage, it will benefit us to measure the rooms very much in the manufacture of luggage according to the area measured in the new house and will provide us with the correct measurements confusion and confusion resulting from the mismatch of the space of the rooms with The size of the baggage when transferred.

Third: Dismantling the parts that fit into the jaw and installing and increasing the number of people

Especially the huge furniture, it will save a lot of space, especially in the carriage of luggage, and it will also reduce its exposure to cracks, fractures, and deformation, and try to bring a lot of friends and relatives in order to assist you in moving the furniture, and the greater the number, the less the transfer time and the easier it is.

Fourth: choosing an early time to transfer the furniture to the new house

Choosing an early time to move the furniture makes you move the luggage without rushing and quietly, because moving the luggage late, that is at noon or at afternoon time, makes us speed up until we move before nightfall, and this results in when transporting the furniture to a new home, damage occurs during transportation such as falling furniture pieces, floundering, and scratching because of haste If the transportation begins in the morning, it will end in the afternoon or afternoon, and there will be enough time to arrange the items.

Fifth: Trying to save money

In order to transport your luggage, you need a truck and this day will be costly to you, so try to save the money as much as possible by agreeing between you and the owner of the truck at a price appropriate for you and you are not satisfied with the first price that he says to you.

Transfer of luggage

Basic rules for the transfer of furniture to a new home

 1- You must transport the valuables and your personal needs on your own or in your car in order not to be lost or damaged during transport with the rest of the luggage.

2- It is preferable to transfer the baggage more than once so that it does not accumulate inside the truck and is damaged by fracture or scratching.

3- Sensitive devices such as screens, glass and computers should be moved alone and well secured inside the truck.

4- Transfer mattresses, clothes and wood to another stage.

Important advice before and after moving to a new home

Before moving:

Collect the things that you do not need before moving and donate them or sell them to any person or place so that after your move, only the important things that you will use will remain.

Write everything in the house before moving on a sheet so that you don’t lose anything and you can count all your things.

On the boxes, write the content of each box to make it easier for you to empty out and learn.

You must start preparing bags and boxes and removing furniture sufficiently before moving, that is, two days before the move, so as not to press in time.

Write important notes on crates from the outside, like crates containing fragile items.

Enter the important services of the new home, such as the Internet and the phone, so that you do not waste time after moving in installing them.

Separate the refrigerator at least a day before moving, so that it is dry and does not damage anything during transport. You can put ice cream and meat at one of your friends or relatives until the transfer.

After moving:

Prepare the new house by placing the seats in the hall or hall until the one entering the new house finds something to rest in order to arrange everything in its place.

Prepare a room to receive all boxes removed from the old house so you can take them and start ordering.

Empty the boxes containing the glass and shatterable things first and with care, preferably starting with the kitchen.

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