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With today’s technical possibilities, it is in most cases no problem to communicate with the specialist lawyer via video conference. If you have no problem working with such technical means and if the lawyer offers this option, the video conference is preferable to a telephone call, since you can at least sit opposite the lawyer on the screen. The video conference is also particularly practical when a third party is involved in the discussions and it is not possible to reconcile all three people in terms of space and time. For the Personal injury lawyer you can have the best deals now.

If it is possible, you should prefer the personal initial consultation over the other variants. But before you travel hundreds of kilometers across the country because there is no specialist lawyer near you, you should first speak to the lawyer on the phone and then plan together how you want to proceed. Regardless of which form of initial advice you choose, the statements made by the lawyer are always binding and they are in all cases subject to confidentiality.

What does an initial consultation cost?

The initial consultation serves 190 dollars. You can describe your legal problem to the lawyer and that he gives you an initial assessment and suggests possible strategies for action. After the initial consultation, you can give the lawyer the mandate and instruct him to process your case. You can also think about his advice and recommendations first and hire him later if necessary, or you can go to another lawyer if you do not feel good about working together after the initial consultation. The initial interview is therefore a first orientation and determines whether you give the lawyer a mandate or not. One question that comes up again and again is the question of the costs and the rumor persists that the initial consultation with the lawyer is free. That’s not the case. The Boy Scouts abuse lawyer follows the best solution there.

According to law the Lawyers’ Compensation Act, the lawyer’s fee for initial advice is between $ 10 and $ 190 plus sales tax for consumers. In the initial consultation with the lawyer is defined in such a way that it has to be conducted verbally, i.e. personally in the law firm or by telephone. If the first discussion of the matter takes place only by email or other correspondence, the lawyer must invoice his work accordingly as correspondence. Do not be afraid to ask the Auto accident attorney the first contact about the cost of the initial consultation. As a private person, you can expect a maximum of $ 249.90 for the initial consultation, which is made up as follows:

  • $ 190 consultancy fee (maximum rate)
  • 19% sales tax
  • $ 20 flat rate for expenses such as copies or postage

However, the initial consultation can also be significantly cheaper and you should therefore in any case ask in advance about the costs. For example, not every lawyer is subject to VAT, so the 19% tax may not apply.

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