The Most Wonderful Places You Must Visit in Banyuwangi, East Java

Banyuwangi, one of the East Java’s region, is still among the best destinations. It is only a brief boat ride away from Bali, and everything in this list is accessible within a two-hour drive. Here’s the listing of the most beautiful spots in Banyuwangi.

  1. RumahApungBangsring

RumahApung translates into the ‘Floating Room.’ No, it is not a floating hotel room but rather a rehab center for baby sharks, which you may see swimming around their rooms floating! You might swim around the platform and rehabilitation center, helping you observe some marine life that is pretty awesome.

Bangsring can also be the jumping-off point for a lot of the boat excursions, such as being the gateway to Tabuhan and Menjangan Island.

  1. Menjangan Island

Menjangan island is a part of Bali and located to the northern tip as a portion of West Bali National Park. But it can be reached by you, and it’s included as a member of the island excursion. As you’re in a position to do it. Menjangan island comprises some of the best diving and snorkeling in Bali’s whole. Just examine the water’s color, and it’s hard not to wish to leap in the water. Besides using clear waters, it’s also home to bulls, which may be seen carrying a dip. As you know, Menjangan is the Indonesian word for the bull!

  1. Bajulmati Reservoir

How frequently have you thought about seeing a reservoir, one of your Indonesian itinerary? Since it has some of the most fabulous natural scenery from Banyuwangi, Bajulmati Reservoir will surprise you. It kind of seemed like Raja Ampat from above, with the grassy atolls poking from the lake. The top views can be captured with drones — which isn’t a first-person perspective the majority of folks can get. But should you push to the end of the road, then some towering hills will provide you with a good vantage point over the Bajulmati reservoir.

  1. Baluran National Park

Taman NasionalBaluran (or even Baluran National Park) is marginally renowned across Indonesia. The park is in a circle form using a volcano ‘Baluran’ in its center. It was to the tiger upwards before the mid-1960s and had some of their character Java in all.

Nowadays, it’s mostly home to wild monkeys, buffalo, Sumatran feral cats. Then you may also spot the Javan Leopard if you’re fortunate! You can get the National Park’s ticket at the entry point and drive your car or scooter.

  1. KawahIjen

The sunrise time on the top of KawahIjen (Mount Ijen) is still among the most fantastic scenery you can view and chase in all of the East Java areas. This is only one of the things people visit Banyuwangi for, and it is something to remember.

  1. Blue Fire Crater

Standing on the top of KawahIjen, especially near the sulphuric crater, you have the possibility of seeing the amazing ‘Red Fire.’ It is a natural phenomenon where gas is ignited as it comes out and will create huge blue flames up to five meters high. It’s not ensured, and in my trip, we did not have to see it, but you win some, and you get rid of some you will be somewhat luckier!

It takes about 45 minutes to lift down to the bottom (and 45 minutes straight up). So be sure you have enough time to get down there and back around the top in time for sunrise. You will also find the miners walking up and down, be sure to provide the space.

Before you plan a trip to Banyuwangi, be sure to read more about Banyuwangi and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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