The fast progression of the technology enables a lot of businesses to go online and one of these is the gambling industry. Gambling game operators have been upgrading their games since the digitalization age begun with the help of game developers to keep up with the tight competition. As of now, online casinos are not only provided in web-based form, but it is also available on mobile.

Interesting Facts about Australia’s Gambling Culture

According to the Australian Institute of Family Studies, there are around 6.8 million regular gamblers in Australia and that is 39% of the total population. The majority of these regulars are males who come from low-income households. Those who have a high tendency in becoming compulsive gamblers are single males who also do not have a university degree and a family to support. The most common betting activities that are popular to the masses are lotteries, instant scratch tickets, and electronic gaming machines (EGMs) with 76, 22, and 21 percent participation, respectively, but the one that reigns supreme is pokies or slot machines. The primary reason why Aussies bet so much is that both risk and rewards are present that creates the sense of EUPHORIA that is extremely irresistible to fight particularly when under stress.

The Psychology behind Betting

There are 4 main causes why someone falls into a gambling addiction and most of it has something to do with the person’s state of wellbeing.

  • Biological

A person who has a family member that is addicted to gambling has a high tendency of becoming one, too. This is because of genetic vulnerability in which its brain is prone to impulsiveness due to overstimulation.

  • Psychological

People tend to repeat an activity like betting despite its harmfulness is because of the following reasons: stress reduction, relief from boredom, pleasure, coping mechanism, and avoidance from withdrawal symptoms.

  • Socio-Cultural

Growing up in an environment where gambling is accepted can greatly influence the values and beliefs of a person about it.

  • Spiritual

The lack of meaning and purpose in life increases the chance of addiction as the person continually disconnects from his/herself and other people.

Benefits of Mobile Casinos

Since most people are glued to their phones, the game operators also  make a mobile version of their games with user-centric features to attract more players because of the following benefits:

  • offers low-cost gaming;
  • provides convenience—play anywhere and anytime;
  • good mood booster and brain teaser;
  • allows you to earn real money;
  • aids in building social skills; and
  • improves concentration and dexterity.

Overall, gambling has many health benefits when done moderately.

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