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The Wisest Choices for the Finest Plastering

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Polished plaster is a coating or plastering technique. It consists of applying several layers of a mixture with a spatula or trowel, creating an effect similar to marble, hence it is also called marmorino. It is a very old and original technique that had its maximum expression in Venice with the masters of the Renaissance.

The minimum and maximum prices for polished plaster are between € 25 and € 80 / m2 respectively, while the average cost is € 45 / m2. The oscillation of these values ​​will depend on variables such as the previous state of the wall, the quality of the materials, the color or the extent of the surface, among others. You can choose the polished plaster company london there.

Polished plaster types

This plaster is obtained from the mixture of slaked lime, water and fine marble dust, which gives it a shiny and soft touch. There are two variants of the technique and your choice will influence the cost.

On the one hand, it is possible to differentiate the traditional application that consists of between four and five layers of mixture to achieve the desired effect. It is an affordable option, but its downside lies in a longer duration of work.

The alternative is modern polished plaster. In this case, pre-mixed products are used whose traditional ingredients are mixed with other synthetic substances. Its execution time is faster, since it requires fewer layers, but the materials used have higher prices. They are generally good quality products, breathable and resistant to alkalis, mold and bacteria.

In both cases, the final polishing is done dry, with a product made from beeswax dispersed in water. Subsequently, it is polished with a wool cloth. This procedure gives it a shiny, marble-like appearance.

Surface dimension

The price of polished plaster is calculated in square meters. Usually, in those jobs where the surfaces are large, the stucco maker can offer a special, more convenient rate. Venetian plaster can be applied to both walls and ceilings, interchangeably.

Modality of contracting

For a good finish, this job requires skilled labor. Usually, the necessary materials are included in the final price and are calculated per square meter, as well as labor. That the person in charge of your application is responsible for your purchase can be beneficial for the customer or client, in order to avoid mistakes when selecting products, travel and other inconveniences.

Pre-existing conditions

Walls or walls in poor condition will require conditioning and preparation work prior to the application of this technique. In these circumstances, the cost can be increased substantially.


This material stands out for its elegant appearance and great durability. It is soft to the touch and does not require a large investment for cleaning, as it is easily washable with water and neutral soap.

Other variables to consider

Professionals rates may increase if the work must be carried out on holidays or weekends, or if travel outside the urban center is required.

Remember, as smooth as possible. This way the next hands will be much better. Wait for about 12 hours to dry and clean any impurities that remain with the spatula (always from top to bottom).


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