Things To Consider Before Purchasing Polo Shirts

Have you seen Leonardo DiCaprio aka Jordan Belfort donning the white Polo T-shirt on his big beautiful yacht Naomi and wondered if you might be able to pull something like that? Well, we have got a solution to help you out with a good Polo T-shirt (เสื้อยืดโปโล, which is the term in Thai). We are sorry about that yacht though, you can never pull that off.

The Polo T-shirt is one of the most elegant and simple pieces of clothing in men’s fashion. You can wear it with your trousers, jeans, joggers, lowers and even your ‘jammies’. Polo T-shirts as simple as they look still have led to people making blunders with this.

So before selecting a good Polo T-shirt, certain things are very vital before choosing your Polo.

  • Quality

You must have a collection of good quality Polo t-shirts (เสื้อเชิ้ต, term in Thai). Quality is one of the major factors. It is compulsory to look for good fabric and a good fitting Polo T-shirt. The two mentioned things to look out define what a good Polo t-shirt is. Great fit makes the shirt look elegant and a good fabric makes the Polo t-shirt look appealing.

Also, note that the prices are not a determinant factor for deciding the quality of the Polo T-shirt. 

From where you buy your Polo T-shirts is also a deciding factor. You need to have a good look at the collection of the shops from where you are buying the t-shirts because shops may look good from outside but that doesn’t mean they have the best and the latest collection.

  • Pattern

Polo T-shirts come in several patterns like formal, knitted, long sleeve, printed, floral prints, etc. You must choose your pattern according to the setting you are going to be a part of.  To wear a floral print on business lunch is a big no right? Or are you Bruce Wayne?

  • Final Polo Advice

What you wear and when you wear matters a lot. There is no denying it. It has been generally observed that the first thing people notice is what you are wearing so you must have the best collection as per the settings that you are part of. Polo T-shirts are one of the most popular fashion choices among men, and you must choose these t-shirts with proper deliberation

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