Tips to tow your car?

Before making a trailer, it is important to find out about your auto insurance. Your insurance may cover the trailer for damaged or broken down vehicles. If your insurance company covers this option, see if there is a minimum mileage for roadside assistance to travel and if there is a deductible to pay to have your car towed.

Choose the right equipment to tow a car

It is important to choose the right equipment for towing a car in order to avoid any risk of damage to the towed car or the one towing the other. Ropes and chains should be banned because the distance between the two cars is not maintained and they risk colliding.

You have to use a tow bar that can move a broken down vehicle without worry. To hitch up your car, there are 3 types of drawbars:

How to calculate the towable weight for a car?

This weight varies depending on the car model. To do this, you need to find out about the vehicle’s registration card , using the information given in the letters “F”.

F1 (PV) = empty weight

F2 (PTAC or PTC) = authorized total weight

F3 (PTRA) = permissible total rolling weight

To calculate the maximum towable weight of your car, you have to do a small subtraction:  F3 – F2 = maximum towable weight (in kilos)

After calculating the maximum towable load you will be able to determine which car to choose for towing.

How to tie the vehicles together?

Once you have chosen the right equipment and you know the maximum weight to respect to tow your car, you must now hitch your car to the one towing you:

Do not hesitate to follow the instructions for use of the tow bar that you have previously purchased.

What fires should I light?

It is important to turn on the hazard warning lights on the tow car and the towed vehicle. This allows you to signal to other users that you are currently towing a car and thus avoid collisions.

The vehicle must be equipped with its tail lights, if it is not, you must attach a plate with flashing lights to the broken down car. The lighting of the lights on the towing vehicle is not sufficient.

Restrictions and advice related to towing a car

Before going to a garage or to a mechanic, make sure that the towed car is in neutral and that the handbrake is fully released.

To drive with the trailer, several restrictions apply to you:

The maximum authorized speed is 50km / h. Thus, you cannot go on the freeway or use the expressway because you risk getting hit by other cars. Care must be taken not to exceed the authorized speed.

Abrupt movements must be avoided so as not to cause collisions between the two very close cars. Therefore, avoid backing up or braking hard, even if you have a good braking system.

When you turn, you must remove the hazard lights to activate your turn signal to signal your movements to other users on the road.

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