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Top 5 Brilliant Ideas for Creating Extra Storage

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Most people today are trying to minimize the junk they own, but still need a place to store what they need. The sad truth is that many households just don’t provide an adequate amount of shelving and cupboards to do the job. That’s why you need to take matters into your own hands and get creative. Here are five brilliant ideas of how to create storage where there was none before.

A Custom-Made Cabinet

Do you have an oddly-shaped bathroom that will simply not cooperate with any unit you’ve purchased? Getting custom bathroom cabinets Tampa takes the frustration out of storing your towels and bath products. Since they’re measured to exactly your specifications, you’ll have a unit that fits perfectly where all the others fell short.

Under the Bed

Sure, everyone has shoved things under the bed to hide them, but did you know there are real under-the-bed storage units? These slender boxes are on wheels and can be easily accessed and cleaned under. Just roll them out, store your things, and slide them back in! These completely hidden bins are a clever way to hide all your off-season clothes.

The Kitchen Ceiling

When it comes to creating extra room in the kitchen, no one ever thinks of looking up, but that’s the largest area in an already cramped kitchen. Create extra space in your cupboards by storing pots and pans above you on a stainless steel hanging rack. Not only does it make your kitchen look professional, but your cookware is also easier to reach.

Open-Up Coffee Tables

One of the most underrated storage spots you can utilize is right in plain view–your coffee table! This isn’t an ordinary coffee table, though, it’s a piece with secret deep storage inside. These tables open way up and are perfect to store pillows, throws and even toys, and no one is the wiser.

Under the Staircase

If you’re one of those people fortunate enough to have a living room staircase, be sure to take advantage of the space underneath them! With just a few quick changes, you can add shelves or close it off entirely to make a closet. Use it to hang coats, store your shoes and anything else to declutter your home.

Solutions in Every Room

Finding storage can be a challenge in some homes, but if you get crafty, you can find solutions for every room in the house. Best of all, they’re attractive additions that will make your house look great!

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