Top Safety Tips for a Peaceful Snow Day

Unless you live in an area where it snows all winter long, you probably look forward to each snowstorm. You remember days off school when you were little, and you enjoy snowy walks after work. However, snowstorms also present a variety of dangers. Here are a few ways to ensure that snowstorms are full of fun moments rather than frenzied panic attacks.

Watch Your Roof

If you receive too much snow, your roof may not be able to handle the strain. Most roofs last for 30 years, but if you have excessive snow, they break down more quickly. Have your roof inspected before winter begins, and install predictive monitoring services so that your roof doesn’t cave in without warning.

Stock Up on Supplies

Snowstorms are miserable if you’re low on food and you can’t get to the store. Keep plenty of cans in your house at all times so that even if you don’t have power, you have food. Think of alternative heating methods such as a propane stove or grill for foods that can’t be eaten raw or cold. Purchase a few gallons of purified water for each member of your family in case your water pipes freeze and burst.

Prepare for Emergencies

Ideally, you don’t leave your hose during a storm. However, emergencies happen, and sometimes it’s more dangerous to stay home than it is to drive to the hospital. Keep a good shovel handy, and purchase salt for melting snow. If you’re expecting a baby or experiencing life-threatening issues, map out the best route to your hospital and talk to your doctor about snow emergency plans.

While it’s stressful to think about emergencies developing during snowstorms, you must plan ahead. That way, you can enjoy the snow knowing that you’ve done everything in your power to stay safe.

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