Topless Babes and the best Time with them

The large breast is popular but apparently their symmetry is more important than their volume. The asymmetry of the female breasts makes it less attractive for men. The hyper volume of the breasts can also be considered more or less consciously as “sickly” and drives away male envy. Big or small, a mother’s breasts have created in the human baby who experiences intense thoracic contact, a positive anchorage and the secretion of the “cuddle” hormone: oxytocin.

His sex life, men will look for a similar signal without necessarily yet about hyper volume. Finally, since most of human sexual intercourse is no longer done from the back, the big asses have lost some of their dimension in favor of the breasts which are more visible face to face. In this last position, they allow stimulation which triggers excitations in the same regions of the brain as those of the clitoris and the vagina and which focus the attention of women on their lover. That said, large or small, the breasts have a fairly comparable density of sensory receptors, so a man can quite be attracted to all sizes of breasts of the babes in that they have a relatively firm hold often synonymous with youth.

What you need to know about breast orgasm

For example, in a study, men were offered money: either they could have a few euros right away, or in the event that they stayed a few days, more euros. In this version of the classic “delayed reward” experience (also called inter-temporal choice by behavioral economists), some men watched films with rural scenes, while others watched attractive women who were fairly naked and common in slow motion, Malibu Alert way: the men who watched this parade of breasts more often opted for the solution “less money immediately”, than those who watched the bucolic scenes.

This experiment therefore suggests that the part of the brain associated with “reward”, pleasure and goal-oriented motivation, diminishes the influence of the rational functions of the brain, mainly the prefrontal cortex. Neuro-chemicals activated the reward and motivation circuits to drive these men to accept less money.

When a partner touches, massages or nibbles on a woman’s breasts, it triggers the same type of neural reactions as breastfeeding. Oxytocin focuses the brain’s attention on the partner’s face, smell and sounds. The combination of oxytocin produced by stimulation of the chest, and the onset of dopamine with enthusiasm of face-to-face sex and foreplay, assist create an association between the partner’s face and eyes with feelings of pleasure, building a bond in the female brain.

Final words

In short, you can joke as much as you want, but our fascination for your breasts, far from being suspect, is an unconscious movement dictated by evolution, and which pushes us to create emotional and nourishing bonds.

Another human strangeness is that you are among the rare animals to practice the face-to-face sexual act, looking into each other’s eyes. It is believed that this peculiarity of human sexuality has evolved in this direction to exploit the secular bond between mother and child as a means of improving the formation of the bond between lovers.

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