What Color Flowers to Give to a Sick Person?

Giving a get well soon hamper to friends and relatives who are sick can be an encouragement for them. When you visit the hospital, bringing gifts can be a form of concern for people who are sick. This shows your sympathy and ethics in society.

However, did you know that the gifts you bring don’t have to be just food or fruit because apparently, flowers can be one of the best options for you. According to a study at Harvard University, fresh flowers are good for increasing a person’s energy and reducing anxiety and depression.

This will be very good for the healing process that is being carried out by a patient. The beauty of it is believed to be able to present beauty in the hospital room and convey prayers from the sender. If your relative is sick, bringing handcrafted hand bouquets can make them feel a little comforted and excited.

When sending a bouquet of flowers to a sick relative, it is a good idea to also write a small note that shows that you really hope for his recovery. In addition, choosing the right flower colors can also help them cheer up. But what colors should you give a patient?

Pastel and White Flowers for a Get Well Soon Hamper

Pastel colorful ones such as hydrangeas can be a good choice for you. These flowers are clustered in subtle pastel colors, some of the colors include pink, purple, blue, and white, these colors are very calming.

Hydrangea means perseverance and patience, which means giving a bouquet of it to a sick relative means they have to be patient and persevering in dealing with the pain they are suffering from. In addition, this flower display is very beautiful and elegant, so it can add to the beauty of the room.

However, if you want to find other options, you can choose a daisy. This flower is tiny and the petals are white with a yellow pistil. You can combine daisies with the others that are brighter and bolder in color to give a more vibrant appearance.

Bright Colored Flowers are the Right Choice

Giving a lovely hamper can almost be combined with a sunflower bouquet. Sunflowers are bright yellow which can mean warmth. This bright colored flower like the sun is believed to bring positive energy to the patient.

With the positive energy emitted, it is hoped that the patient who gets the sunflower bouquet will be more cheerful. With joy and happiness, patients get more enthusiasm to recover from their illness.

Apart from sunflowers, you can also consider daisies and chrysanthemums. Daisies and chrysanthemums have bright and fresh colors, which can make anyone who sees them more excited, especially for patients.

Chrysanthemum is a symbol of high emotions and hopes for long life. Giving a bouquet of chrysanthemums to a loved one who is sick can show how much you hope for their recovery.

Things to Consider Before Giving a Flower Bouquet

Giving a bouquet as a get well soon gift is indeed a very thoughtful thing. However, you need to remember not to give ones with a strong scent. In addition to being annoying, the pungent aroma of flowers can also cause discomfort to the patient.

Freesia and lily can also cause allergies in some people, so you should avoid these types of flowers so that they don’t become a problem. Apart from that, you also have to pay attention to the placement of a flower bouquet in the patient’s room.

You can place the flower bouquet on an empty table near the patient, or by the window. However, if you choose a courier to deliver it, don’t forget to contact the hospital first so they know you are sending flowers to the patient.


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