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What Kind of Garden Room You Need to have for Enjoyment

We like to sit outside when the weather permits. Research shows that two-thirds of the Dutch would like to be outside more often. Weather conditions are an important reason for staying indoors. We Dutch would like to experience that outdoor feeling to enjoy nature to be healthy and to relax. We have solutions ready to optimize living comfort. We can reduce the influences of the weather in various ways with our magnificent extension structures. A conservatory is often thought of. But what is a conservatory? And what are the other options?

No wind or rain with a garden room

In this blog we will discuss the difference between a conservatory and a garden room. When some people think of a conservatory, they actually imagine a garden room. Both options block negative weather conditions, but a combined garden room and shed does this to a lesser extent. A garden room is a built room next to your house. This can be placed with different materials, such as with glass! The advantage of the garden room is that it is wind and waterproof. You can enjoy the spring, autumn and summer days longer.

Enjoy a conservatory all year round

A conservatory, on the other hand, becomes one with your home. You can enjoy a conservatory all year round, because it is insulated in addition to being wind and waterproof. For a conservatory, the wall of your home is broken through and then the insulated conservatory is built. So a conservatory needs a bigger renovation than a garden room. A conservatory will therefore entail more costs than a garden room. A conservatory is definitely worth the investment, as you can experience the outdoor feeling every season. This makes enjoying your garden, nature and tranquility a lot easier.

So a conservatory is definitely different from a garden room. Think carefully about the functions and advantages of such an extension. Then there are a number of things you can make choices about, but to make it easy, we like to think along with you.

What to consider when purchasing a garden house?

On the way to the garden house of your dreams, it is smart to take a number of things into account in advance. We are happy to give you 5 tips and considerations about the function and style of your new garden house to help you in the orientation process.

Is a permit required for building a garden house?

One of the first things you may wonder is whether in your situation you need a permit to build a garden house. The rules on this are very extensive, but we have listed them clearly for you. Don’t let a permit application get in the way of your dream. Often no permit is required. If you choose a garden house for which a permit is required, we will always relieve you by arranging the application for you.

What does a luxury garden house cost?

And then the key question: what do you spend on a garden house? You will understand that the costs of a luxury garden house vary and depend on your personal preferences. We are happy to give you some insight into this. The difference between the providers is large. The price naturally depends on the degree of customization, the quality of the materials, the craft and of course the service before, during and after the construction process.

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