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Which is better PG or Flat in Bangalore? 

Understudies who seek after their investigations out of their old neighborhood like to live in two famous sorts of private organizations, for example, autonomous house or Flat and ladies PG in hsr layout. These the two spots are the twofold edged weapon as they have geniuses just as cons as well, regardless of where these are found. Let us digs into both of these facilities and become acquainted with increasingly about these. 

It is a difficult undertaking for understudies just as an individual who will carry out a responsibility in different urban areas, to locate an appropriate spot for living. In any case, the youths as relatively few alternatives instead of a PG for ladies in hsr layout format settlement and level. The vast majority of the experts just as understudies are consistently are searching for convenience that is monetarily bravo and gives all the important administrations, for example, digital TV, nourishment and cooler. Let us have a brief glance at all these variables and pick the one that is progressively reasonable.

Rent: If we are talking about the cost of living over there, then it is obvious that the rent of PG in hsr layout is less as compared to flat. Apart from this, it suits your budget to share your expenses with other roommates in a pg. However, it is more costly to live in a flat even though it is more spacious. But these are good for families and the bachelors who live in a group.

Social Security: Living in a pg is socially secured and it is also good for single tenants as they are living with other roommates. You’re always in safe hands and there is no need to get into household chores and you will get proper time for rest as well as for work too. PG has more security as compared to the flat because it is a part of pre-occupied society and the landlord is also living on the other floor. However, the tenants need to take care of all things in case of flat including security.

Ready-made facilities: In PG, all the basic amenities such as cable, TV, refrigerator and geyser are easily available which means that no don’t have any headache to arrange things on the place first like flat. In addition to this, the facility of WiFi is also provided by some PG’s so that their tenants can easily access internet for work.

Maintenance: No one have enough time to maintain a flat especially youngsters due to the hectic study schedule and fast-paced city life. They are too busy in their studies as well as part-time jobs and PG is comfortable for them. On the other side, flat needs more care and maintenance which takes a lot of time.

Food: Food for all times such as breakfast and dinner is provided in PG’s which is a part of the rent. It means that there is no hassle of cooking and cleaning as well as utensils are also not required. In case of flat, you have two alternatives wither Tiffin services or hire a cook which is also a kind of burden in your pocket. 

Payment of bills: If you are staying in PG girls, then there is no need to pay for electricity, water and internet too. But an extra cost for AC room is always there that needed to be paid. However, all these charges increase your burden and you have to manage all the bills of a flat.


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