Why Banking is Considered a Lucrative Career? 

The banking segment is the backbone of any country’s financial system and offers employment to crores of people. Jobs in this segment continue to be one of the most professional and rewarding careers in India. The segment not only offers excellent growth opportunities but also to expand one’s knowledge about other industries. 

Technological advancements and their adoption in the financial services segment have expanded the reach of banks and finance companies. Consequently, banking has moved ahead of its traditional lending and depositing services to offer a variety of new products and services thereby opening up new job opportunities for today’s tech-savvy youth. One of the best ways to ensure that you do not feel like an alien in this segment is to undertake some specialized banking and finance courses.

Banking and Finance Jobs and Their Benefits

The use of technology and the internet has allowed the banking segment to expand its reach to even distant places and offer customised services. This expansion and diversification in the type of services offered by banks have also widened the range of personnel required by them. This in turn means the increased scope of getting jobs in the segment. Here are some benefits of banking operations jobs:

  • Available to Everyone: Banking jobs are available for candidates with all kinds of backgrounds. So even if you have an engineering, or information technology or marketing, or any other background you can join this segment. A certificate in banking and finance can help you understand the nuances of this industry.
  • Available at Varied Locations: The vast branch network of the banking sector and the variety of products and services offered by it means that a variety of jobs are available at different locations including remote areas.
  • Good Remuneration: Banking jobs offer a reasonably good remuneration besides several types of perks such as medical benefits, low interest on loans, and several other entitlements. Banking salaries in India range from 10,900 INR per month (minimum average salary) to 71,300 INR per month (maximum average salary, the actual maximum is higher), according to
  • Offer Good Exposure: A job in a bank or a financial firm offers employees an excellent opportunity to learn about other industries and businesses. So if your job involves dealing with or handling the account of a telecom company, you will get to know more about the industry and its working. You can always do a banking course with a placement option to get into the field.

Qualifications Needed for Banking Jobs

While a simple graduation or a post-graduation degree may be enough to get you an operations job in a bank, it is always better to enhance your knowledge and skills related to the segment. This is possible by doing a certificate course in banking and finance or going for a PG diploma in banking and finance. 

Courses that can be done along with your regular studies or work and offer placement assistance can be incredibly useful in your quest for a banking job. A course that offers training in Tally and ERP9 tools for accounting, teaches about tax policies and accounting norms, imparts knowledge about advanced retail banking operations and helps in developing professional skills is recommended. 

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