Why empowering the girl child in India matters?

Let us first know what the meaning of women empowerment is. The word empowerment can be defined in many ways. But when it comes to women empowerment, it mostly talks about freedom. The action and choice of women were highly restricted. They were not allowed out and even denied any formal decision-making processes. The name of the girl is never included in the political structures or in the economic sphere.

All the injustice has to be undone, by empowering them to create their own life in society. Empowerment is possible only when they get opportunities. To Grab the opportunities limitations and restrictions has to be removed. This can be made possible by providing them education, profession and Lifestyle. It is very important to raise awareness about literacy and training. This article serves as the reasons behind empowering the women.

It is the right of every girl

When one is able to observe closely, education is a fundamental human right. There can be no discrimination in this modern era. Every girl has the right to go to school, stay safe from violence, have access to affordable health services and have full participation in the community.

Educated girl means a healthy family

Giving girls child education in India can empower her along with the family. Reports tell that a girl who is educated, healthy and empowered makes her family healthier. The inequality that remained in the society can be highly reduced if girls are educated. Although the situation in India is improving, there is still a lot to be done to fill the gap.

Reduction of poverty

As a girl’s education can support the entire family, people can rise above the below poverty line. She helps everybody in her family, to get access to education and health services thereby reducing poverty.

Economy growth

Reports tell that, if women’s secondary education grows by just 1%, it can lead to the country’s economic growth by 0.3%. It is also confirmed that, if the girl’s participation in the labour market is as same as men, the world can achieve 28 trillion dollars of global GDP in 2025.

Smart idea

It is the right thing to invest in girls, to promote healthy and Prosperous World. It is the smartest idea to take for empowering the girl child in India. Each and every girl has the exclusive right to change your future and have faith. All of us have a duty to protect the t girl’s right and promote a well being.

Final thoughts

Than laying rules on how a girl should be, it is important to give her all resources which are considered as the fundamental human rights. If the restrictions and limitations removed from upon her, she can create her own lifestyle and participate and early in the economic and political sphere. They can help us build strong economies, and create a sustainable world for us and the generations to come. More efforts should be taken to promote gender equality in aspects of society.


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