10 Clear Reasons Why You Need Digital Marketing as A Career


India is a thickly populated nation with a populace of 1,339,180,127 (beginning in July 2017) positions second on the planet. There are sufficient open doors on professional front for people around the country. And when we say digital marketing then you must note that the potential of digital marketing in India and the scope of online marketing in future is going to get smarter in the next several years. A cell phone has become a simple need for everybody and so is the internet.  Apply for Digital marketing course in hyderabad to learn more.

Undoubtedly, the trend of digital marketing is on the boom and will continue to get higher in the upcoming years. This is because people are using the internet for almost all things such as connecting to friends, families, and co-workers, learning new things, entertainment, etc. 

For businesses, digital marketing is an extraordinary thing, which will surely give them good results in terms of higher ROI, rich client base, good brand reputation, etc. Everybody wishes to advertise their services and products across all networks of the internet. Compared to conventional advertising, these are some essential advantages, which make the online advertising strategy affordable and more efficient.

According to a survey done by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), India will have around 500 million internet customers from June 2020. This will create a great business opportunity that is fascinating for companies as they can promote their services and products to an increasing population using the internet.

Let us list down the main 10 reasons why the potential of digital marketing is marvelous in India.

  1. Drastic changes in conventional Advertising

The conventional set of advertising techniques was limited to the mouth and door-to-door publicity. The marketers were using the workforce to promote their goods and services. However, now with the changing times, people want everything, from high quality, convenience to reasonable pricing, and more.

Fulfilling the requirements of their clients is the prime priority of every business hence when digital marketing is widely adopted by the companies for trading, its scope is really bright in our country. Now that even the tiniest item can be seen and purchased online. The marketers and consumers are going gaga over this digital marketing trend.

Let’s take an example of real estate business; earlier when any real estate owner wants to do promotion then he/she does it through print media and hoardings. But now they are all shifting towards digital ways of marketing. Making the content engaging is now their mantra to be successful.

If we consider the Facebook page of one of the real estate giants “Sunita Hiranandani” then it is visible that she is targeting the audience with real-time images. The idea behind this strategy is that people show more interest in the images and videos, and are more likely to buy if they are captured and shared live. 

This manner, we can all see the difference in the way traditional marketing has witnessed a drastic shift. And it’s been taken over by digital marketing.

  1. Institutions Offering Digital Marketing courses

Many institutions are introducing a digital marketing course, which has thorough and updated practical and conceptual knowledge. The courses are offered both in classroom and online.

Expert Training Institute is among the few first Institutes in Delhi to offer Digital Marketing Course. The institute is currently offering a certificate program in digital marketing. It offers courses in promotion and branding. Many other schools are coming up with a program that entails digital marketing.

Many digital marketing agencies now have their academy where they instruct digital marketing to the pupils. Whenever you feel like learning a digital marketing course is something you should do then you can apply to these digital marketing institutes. The aim of these institutes is to flourish the knowledge and skills of the pupils in the digital marketing sector. 

  1. Digital Marketing Is the Brand-New Trend

Everybody in the nation prefers digital marketing over everything. Even the start-ups are starting their business via digital marketing. The process of every company becomes easy with online techniques. The organization doesn’t have to deploy the efforts to manually market the item and to go into the sector.

It supplies a broad range of mediums and contemporary, powerful and economic techniques of promotion. Every kind of merchandise and service is currently opting for the option of digital marketing. Because they understand that this is an established platform, which is more relevant and reliable than conventional methods of promotion. 

It is not that the company owners are currently boosting their merchandise always. They try to interact with their audience through facts. Above is the screenshot of a Renowned Pav Bhaji venture in Nashik, Maharashtra. Being a scale hotelier, they’re choosing the digital marketing option to reach out to a lot of people by letting them know about their business. They have submitted some engaging content that would attract the audiences. This sort of tip is currently working a lot for such marketers nowadays.

  1. Reaching global markets

These days, it’s said, “Being Digital has been International”. And that is the truth. Through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn, an individual can reach the audience in any corner of the world. The advantage of these social media platforms is so enormous that you and nearly everyone can communicate with each other.

In India, lots of business persons whose target audience in the United States of America. So, these days everything is possible with social media. Numerous organizations from the USA likewise incline toward Digital Marketing Agencies in India to design their websites.

A whole lot is happening in India’s digital marketing space. It is being talked about by all of us and is a great way to capture the global market. 

  1. Small cities getting digitally equipped

These days even the small cities in the country are getting digital privileges because of the internet. Most start-ups are launching their business in towns, and they’re reaching the worldwide audience via social media.

If we take an example of an online portal “ScoopWhoop” then you will know that it had been launched by Sattvik Mishra and 5 other people in August 2013 in Delhi. But the way they wrote their articles and posting, made them start and even excel in their niche. Everybody in the nation is a lover of content that this internet portal is creating. They are entirely accomplished with more than 1000 likes on each post today on social media networking sites. 

  1. Low Cost

Comparing it with other marketing platforms, digital marketing is one of the most relevant media. Gone are the times when one spent lakh on getting the ad printed in the paper. With digital media, it has got so simple. You can reach a huge number of people at the same time without burning out your pocket. You can promote your projects through digital marketing just like one does in the case of real estate projects. 

Making an ad on Facebook will cost more than half of what marketers spend on print media and other conventional marketing ways. Spending just $40 or so on the Facebook ad will give you the desired results, which sometimes is not possible in case of traditional marketing. 

New start-ups and many industries are heavily investing in digital marketing activities. They are searching for digital marketing professionals who can invent and execute digital marketing strategies that suit their needs and help them achieve marketing goals.

  1. Higher Engagement Rate

The participation rate should be higher since folks are extensively using social media and the internet for different purposes. People today want quality content for updating themselves and staying entertained. So, digital marketers must generate content that engages the crowd.

The online food delivery service always tries to stay engaged by submitting articles that are interesting and creative. Their page is all about food, but they make it so original you can’t scroll down it without even hitting the like button.

So, the main point is that if you’re creative, you will get massive opportunities on this platform.

  1. Growth in the number of net users

People using the internet in 2015 have been 259 million that go around 331 million. It’s been predicted that the number of internet users will get doubled by 2022. That is why, the rate in which the nation is growing in terms of internet usage, people will probably be wholly dependent on the World Wide Web in the next few years.

  1. Improved digital classifieds marketplace earnings

It has been predicted that the earnings-generating from classifieds is currently going to be five times greater than it had been in 2015. In the fiscal year 2020, the earnings will be around $23 billion.

Each of the revenues will probably be doubled up by 2020 from the field of digital marketing. To put yourself into the driving seat, all of the businesses have to be well-versed with digital marketing to represent the nation in the international market. Not only companies but the candidates who are currently searching for a career opportunity within this discipline can uncover lakhs of jobs in almost all cities in India. 

The scope is fuller in regards to digital marketing. Digital Marketing will stay as the most potent means of Marketing even in the coming period. However, since the presence of digital marketing is changing daily, a digital marketer has to become agile, alert, smart and adaptive to the latest changes. Not just that, they have to implement it beforehand to get their all-round benefits. So, digital marketer of today and tomorrow must make themselves versatile enough to cope up with the challenges in online marketing field. Learn more at Digital marketing course in bangalore .


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