10 Common Terms to Get Acquainted with When Playing Bingo Game

When it comes to playing online bingo games, most of the casinos will have a help page where all the new players become acquainted with the nicknames. When you play bingo, it involves a tiny risk in real life casinos, where it is assumed that players know what the terms are, and what they mean. Here are some of the slangs and terms you can get acquainted with when playing bingo on Joker388.

  • Front house – This is the desk placed at the front door in the hall.
  • Early Bird – This is a short bingo game that leads you to the main game.
  • Eyes Down – This indicates that the Caller of Bingo game is giving a hint that the game starts now.
  • Flyer – This refers to a paper bingo ticket that has only one bingo game.
  • Market Bingo – In this bingo game, players play for winning goods and vouchers. The players must be well acquainted with the terms used in the game.
  • Packet for Admission – This refers to the minimum number of cards the players have to purchase when playing a live game of online bingo. They come in handy for paying the admission price. This contains 3 to 8 cards in a single game.
  • Mode of Auto-Purchase – This is related to software that will automatically buy new cards for players in the newest round of online bingo.
  • Game of Basket Bingo – This is a special bingo game where valuable goods are awarded to the winner instead of awarding cash.
  • Board of Bingo Game – This is more of an electronic display board that reveals selected numbers as they are called.
  • Blackout in Bingo Game – This is one type of winning pattern where the entire card has to be covered before they can win this game.
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