10 Ways to Fulfill Your Korean Fashion Dreams in Singapore

Due to the large international diaspora, Singapore has become a significant hub for South-East Asian fashion. A large number of Korean ex-patriates have supported these fashion trends to blow up in the port city. Korean fashion and Singapore are synonymous as it helps to have an international capital go crazy over recent trends, thus exporting to the world the edgy new style statement originating in the Korean peninsula. Everyone wants in on a little piece of the Hallyu fashion action. Korean fashion Singapore has become a significant aspect of the community out there.

What is an essential part of K-clothing is that it is trendy as well as affordable. A significant reason why the style speaks to the younger crowd is that it is chic while being easy on the wallet. For a woman to embrace Hallyu fashion and the K-clothing code is to become free of burdens. There are no restrictions, as long as there is a sense of style to your statement. It is a safe space where an oversized T-shirt can pass off as high fashion.


Be it tops or bottoms, Korean fashion has left influence in every part of a metropolitan Singapore woman’s wardrobe. As famous K- Pop bands have blown up the music industry, their fashion statements have hit the shelves of every major outlet. Retail companies like Yishion Clothes have picked up on the trend and matched supply to the erupting demand. From urban-chic to conservative Office wear, Korean fashion has a fix for every genre of clothing. Here are the ten highlights to help the modern woman in Singapore realize the fusion of trend and comfort provided by stylish Korean fashion

  1. Oversized Cotton T’s- A must-have for the urban female, oversized T-shirts are all the rage. Some of these can come with a single back slit and can be paired with classic black pants to achieve a casual office look and double-time as an outfit for a whimsical shopping spree.
  2. Collared Blouses – Another must for the chic. They are versatile and can be paired with anything ranging from a midi skirt to wide-leg jeans. They are the epitome of semi-formal, and depending on the bottom; it can go either way. One can pair a button-up with a cropped waist detail to go for a less formal trendier style depending on the occasion.
  3. Tops With Cuffed Sleeves/Ruffled Front Detail- Another versatile outfit to have in the wardrobe for a windy day in the busy streets of Singapore. V-neck tops with a lace-up design and a front ruffle can work wonders on a petite frame.
  4. Checkered Long-Sleeves- These can range from monochromatic hues to slightly more vibrant hues. An oversized top half-tucked into a pair of artistically ripped jeans can revolutionize your look in terms of Korean streetwear.
  5. Baggy Jeans – These are cute and versatile as well as hip. Given the current fashion obsession with pockets, they can come handy on any outing. They are airy and comfortable and can be cuffed if you want to show off those smooth ankles or you’re recently purchased pair of boots.
  6. Neon- From the latest pages of Seoul Fashion week, it is clear that neon has made a comeback as a colour of choice without having to pretend to standout. It can be a ruffled bustier top exuding a cute innocence, but the neon chasing away any sense of dullness. It could be a button front maxi dress with quirky patterns stitched across and the colouring to stand out in a crowd full of grey.
  7. Cargo Pants- With strapped sandals, the level of comfort achieved by these will make you want to shop all day while looking like a treat. Paired with a flowery crop top or a block colour tank top, it gives a sporty yet feminine look that is all the rage in today’s trends. The sandals can be switched out for sneakers, and the look can come together, accessorized by a cap, functional for a bright sunny afternoon of window shopping.
  8. Basic Long Sleeve Shirt Dress- These are comfortable and trendy, and the buttons mean that you can play with the neckline. It can act as a full outfit or can be paired with ripped jeans depending on the mood. A shirt dress is all the rage in many of the fashion capitals of the world, and in Singapore, it is no less. Every capable style statement is incomplete without one, paired with kitten heels and sunglasses.
  9. Cotton Dresses With Tie Details- Tie details are always a key to versatility and allows for a choice even within the same clothing. A lightly tied waist or a tightly tied one can change the way your fashion sense is perceived. If tied in a bow-shaped knot, the added detailing can change the look of the dress and direct how to accessorize it, like a bow in your hair. Matching shapes is often as good as a colour coordinating your accessories with your dress.
  10. Knee- Length Shorts – These bottoms are making a quick comeback in the latest fashion polls. Denim with a frayed lining paired with pencil heels and tucked in tank tops are quickly taking over the main streets in terms of comfort and style. The wide range of choice to mix and match is also a huge draw, and women are increasingly substituting their short shorts. They give more visibility to your footwear and can help show off a nifty pair of heels.


Singapore is buzzing with Korean fashion. The overwhelming popularity of bands like BTS has given rise to all things Korean in the fashion industry. From fabulous mini dresses to cute cardigans, the dynamics have changed even in traditional retail outlets. Brands are looking to provide a minimalist wardrobe with versatility. Sock boots or simple white shoes can often complement these dreams for the urban female and complete the ultimate K-Pop fantasy. Fashion pieces for the wildest side of every K-fashionista are available in all colours and cuts.

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