11 Ways to De-stress from Your Hectic Work-from-Home Schedule

Meta-Description: Even with a work-from-home set-up, you still need to relax and rest from your job demands. Here are 11 ways you can de-stress from your busy schedule.

Even before the “new normal,” working from home has been practiced by professionals who live too far from their offices and by those who need more flexible working schedules in their fields. While it may seem less stressful than working in your office, having a ton of workload and meetings may cause a stressful work environment.

It is crucial to set boundaries between your work life, your life at home, and self-care, to avoid burnout and work-related anxieties. Here are 11 ways you can de-stress from your hectic work-from-home set-up.

Turn Off Your Notifications

When working, turn off notifications from your social media accounts to avoid distractions. Doing so also avoids mixing up your work and private messages and notifications. Use your work phone for work-related communication only. Turn off your social media notifications to finish your assignments on time, and keep your notifications limited to work emails and calls from your office.

After work, remember to turn off your work-related notifications. This establishes the boundary between your work and personal life. It also helps you sleep better and be less stressed at night.

Clear Your Work Space

Just like clearing your notifications and emails, clearing your workspace is one way to reduce any visual clutter that may increase your stress and anxieties. Tidying up also helps in keeping your desk and office supplies organized. The last thing you would want is to spend hours looking for that stapler, flash drive, or keys.

Go Outside

Maximize the times you get to go outside to finish errands, take a walk, and appreciate the plants and trees you see. Studies have shown that going outside reduces risks of high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and feelings of anxiety. Going outside also improves your mood and mental well-being. 

When going out, practice social distancing, wear your face mask and face shield, and disinfect after touching high-touch surfaces.

Listen to Sounds of Nature

If you can’t go out or don’t have a mini garden for your outdoor walk, listen to nature’s sounds. You can choose from sounds of rain falling on your roof, the clicking of a Japanese bamboo fountain, rushing river, snow breezing through a cottage, and waves crashing on the shore that reminds you of the peacefulness of Alta Vista de Boracay or other popular beach destinations. These sounds help you relax, focus on your tasks, and even lull you to sleep.

Catch up with Family and Friends

Communicate with your loved ones once in a while when you feel homesick or miss seeing your friends and officemates in person. The Internet allows you to be just a video call away from your parents, siblings, and close friends. Catching up with family and friends also fosters a stronger bond, and is healthy for your well-being.

Take Workout Breaks

Working from home means you will spend hours in your seat. Research shows that sitting for too long reduces blood flow, causes shoulder and lower back pain, and increases early death risks. Doctors recommend standing up every thirty minutes to walk around and do some stretching.

Use your “stand up” time to do workouts such as yoga, squats, glute bridge reps, and push-ups. Workout breaks facilitate better blood flow and release tension from your body. Working out also reduces stress and feelings of anxiety or unease.

Make the Most of Your Lunch Time

When was the last time you prepared your meals? Food delivery may be more convenient than cooking all your meals, but always ordering food is not healthy for your bank account and wellbeing. When you prepare home-cooked meals, you create dishes to your liking and regulate the amount of salt and calories in the food you eat. Cooking is also a therapeutic way to take a break from your job.

Treat Yourself to Something Tasty

Whether it’s your favorite milk tea, coffee blend, or fried food, nothing beats the joy of a warm meal and a refreshing drink. Take time to enjoy your meal because eating too fast may cause indigestion and you might not enjoy eating your favorite food at all.

While food is always a blessing, remember to eat things in moderation to avoid future health problems.

Unwind in Your Homemade Spa

Take out those scented candles, bath bombs, and essential oils to create your spa or relaxing bubble bath. The lush fragrance helps you relax and release any stress you have been carrying throughout the day. Creating a relaxing bath or shower helps in softening your skin, washing your hair, and making you feel refreshed and clean.

Unleash Your Creativity

Art is another form of relaxation that detaches yourself from your work chaos. You don’t have to be da Vinci or Picasso to create art. Doodles, watercolor swatches, rough sketches, and loose paintings are some of the less-structured artwork that you can do in your spare time.

Remember to Have Fun

Catch up with episodes of your favorite TV series or Korean drama. Check out the latest films on Netflix or Hulu. Explore new places and find treasure in your favorite video games. In a world where everything is fast-paced and requires you to be in the know, letting go of all these demands and having fun with things you love makes you happier and less anxious.

Working from home can be less stressful than working in your office. These de-stressing methods will help you set boundaries between your productivity at work and your personal wellbeing.

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