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3 Signs You May Need to Call a Plumber

We’re not going to pretend that every situation requires a plumber, but there are certain signs that merit calling one as soon as possible. Leaving certain problems unaddressed not only risks damaging your home but also increases your financial responsibility. Here are three situations when you should call a plumber immediately:

Three Reasons to Call a Plumber ASAP

Gurgling Sounds

If you’re hearing gurgling sounds while using appliances like the toilet, dishwasher, laundry machine, etc., then this may signal a serious issue throughout your entire plumbing system – especially if it continues after use. Gurgling sounds mean the system is trying to find air which leads to water backing up in your home.

Hearing Water in Your Pipes

If no one is using your pipes, you shouldn’t hear running water. This sound is likely a leak which is indicated through wet and brown spots on the ceiling, carpet or floors.

If it’s warm, the leak is along your hot water line, so you should turn off your water heater right away. Be sure to let your plumber know about this to save time and money.

Back Flow Issues

When water backs up into your sink or tubs, it can be linked to low water pressure. A plumber will inspect your water valves to help the issue. Sometimes it’s as simple as adjusting the water pressure valve itself, solving both water pressure and back flow issues.

Some issues are easy to repair, but the more challenging ones can lead to severe damage if “fixed” improperly or left to resolve themselves on their own. Avoid escalating your plumbing issues by calling your local professional plumber as soon as you see the warning signs.

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