3 Well Known AVI Players for Mac, Including Catalina

AVI which is also known as Audio Video Interleaved is a well-known platform nowadays, which lets the users play all kinds of video files. It was first released in 1992 by the Microsoft Corporation. It makes watching a movie on the PC as well as mobile phones very easy. There are many different types of AVI players available in the market, but all of them are different from each other in terms of video playing compatibility and some may also have AVI playing troubles on Mac. In this post, we are going to talk about the best AVI players available for Mac which will help you in saving in your time and will also offer you a high-quality visualization.

  1. VLC Media Player

The one media player that we are going to talk about here is the VLC Media Player. It is another famous platform which is used by numerous users worldwide. It is an easily accessible program and doesn’t charge any amount to be used. AVI video clips can be easily streamed to any other device with the help of an interface. The best thing about this Mac media player is that it is ad-free and lets you watch AVI files without any obstacles.

Key Features of VLC Media Player

  • VLC helps you to stream videos across other devices easily.
  • VLC supports MP3, MP4, AVI as well as all other audio and video files.
  • It lets the subtitles to get embedded on the video clip.
  • VLC is the ideal medial player for Mac to run AVI files.
  • VLC software can be availed by Mac, Android as well as Windows users.
  1. MPlayerX

 If you are looking for a nice and smooth AVI player for your Mac, MPlayerX can be a great option. It can provide you access to all kinds of AVI and several files smoothly without degrading the quality of the video. Enter the .avi file in the video player and you will see the program starting to play all the AVI files from your Mac. It has even scored a position in the list of the best media player for iMac in 2020. There are Mplayer as well as FFmpeg in this Mac AVI player which enables it to be in tune with different kinds of media files for auto-tuning. This AVI player also lets you search for any video, you are looking for and get it played straightly.

KeyFeatures of MPlayerX 

  • MPlayerX can be very assistive for you in handling the process of video auto-tuning.
  • MPlayerX also lets the users play AVI files in high quality.This application is supportive of Mplayer and FFmpeg and thus, can be ideal for playing AVI files on your Mac.
  • This is a multilingual application and can support 10 different languages.


The Elmedia is also one of the best multimedia player for Mac it lets you play any imported file without troubling you. But, this software doesn’t work free of cost and charges $19.99. An important point to be noted here is that this software can only be availed by the Mac system users.

Key features of Elmedia 

  • This software works very well co-ordinated with AirPlay.
  • It permits the users to make easy volume adjustments
  • This Mac AVI player provides different types of adjustable settings.
  • With the help of this AVI player, one can play several audio files at a time.
  • It allows the import of subtitles to be played parallel to the video file.

These were the top-rated medial players for Mac that can be effectively used for playing any kind of file. However, not all of these programs are free to use. Some are chargeable too. You can choose the one you want to and then get it installed on your device.

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