4 Benefits of Getting Denture Implants

Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland, the second-largest state in Australia. Its metropolitan area sits between Moreton Bay and the mountain ranges of Taylor and D’Aguilar. Brisbane is founded on ancient traditional lands and is one of the oldest cities in the country. Still, it is one of the most advanced, classified as a global city and rated among the world’s most liveable places.

One of the many reasons why Brisbane ranks highly in terms of living conditions is the quality of its health care system. This includes its dental industry that offers high-quality services. Case in point, many people have benefited from getting denture implants in Brisbane. This dental solution offers many benefits, some of which are discussed below.

  1. It Helps Prevent Bone Loss

One of the biggest concerns for people suffering from the loss of teeth is the subsequent bone loss. This is due to the lack of stimulation that results from the empty space. The jaw bone loses 25% of its mass in the first year that a tooth goes missing. This process will continue as long as the tooth remains missing, and the bone does not receive stimulation from the biting action.

While the lack of stimulation is bad, improper use of removable dentures is worse. Dentures can get loose and rub against the gum’s bony ridge, which can accelerate bone loss. The best way to replace missing teeth is with denture implants. Denture implants can help restore your bite and provide the stimulation needed for your bone to grow.

  1. It Helps Support the Structure of Your Face

Aside from chewing and biting, teeth play an important role in providing support for your facial structure. If some of your teeth are missing, you lose this support, and the shape of your face will eventually change. This will make you seem older than you really are. By having denture implants installed, your face will get the support that it needs so its shape will not change.

  1. It Helps Prevent Damage to Adjacent Teeth

If you have missing teeth, the remaining teeth adjacent to the gap often shift towards it. This will make them weaker and more prone to damage. The shift in their position can also interfere with the mechanics of your bite, which could cause problems with your temporomandibular joint. If this happens, you can experience symptoms such as pain and headaches.

  1. Denture Implants Are Cost-Effective

There are many dental solutions available to deal with missing teeth. But the most cost-effective solution is to get denture implants in Brisbane. In terms of result, denture implants offer the closest experience to having real teeth. Most people have a hard time telling the difference between an implant and natural teeth just by looking. It also feels real. You can eat and bite with the implants the way you normally do with your natural teeth. Care and maintenance for denture implants are also the same as natural teeth.

Aside from the better experience, there is also the matter of longevity. While dental bridges can last for ten years, denture implants can last a lifetime. Most implants today are made from titanium and are biocompatible. This means that they will not be rejected by the body and will even fuse with the jawbone over the years.

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