4 Reasons You May Be Losing Sleep

Some people that lay their heads down at night can drift off to sleep in seconds. Others toss and turn for what seems like hours, only to look at the clock and discover only 15 minutes have passed. Since the loss of sleep can lead to depression, weight gain, and mood swings, ensuring you get a good night’s sleep can be critical to your health. If you are losing sleep each night, check out these possible reasons.

  1. Bedbugs

People report pinpoint feelings of pain at night and possible skin irritations the next morning, and it is often due to bedbugs. The critters don’t leave many traces behind, and you may not even know they are feasting on you at night. Call in a bedbug exterminator Staten Island to check your bed for possible signs of the tiny vampires.

  1. Vitamins

Most people are too busy in the morning to think of their vitamins as they rush out of the house. If you remember to take your supplements at night, be careful. Not only are there some vitamins that negate the effectiveness of others, but some of the little pills can disturb your sleep cycle.

  1. Lights

You may not believe it, but light pollution is a real phenomenon in modern life. From clocks to computer towers to phones, a small amount of illumination can interfere with your body’s clock. In some areas, even a neon light or bright moon can disturb a good night’s sleep.

  1. Noise

Sleep cycles consist of periods of light and deep sleep. During light cycles, you may find yourself waking for reasons that are difficult to identify. To alleviate mental confusion, purchase a noise-machine or turn on a fan. The background hum will disrupt any noises from outside that may wake you.

Take control of your sleep life by understanding the possible reasons you may be waking up. If you identify one or two conditions, you can change your life and drive the sleep thieves away.

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