4 Unique Culinary Recommendations in Raja Ampat That You Must Taste

Papua is not only famous for its wide variety of tourist areas. But, tourists from abroad and domestically choose Papua as their tourist destination. One of the popular tourist areas among tourists is Raja Ampat’s tour. When visiting Raja Ampat, take the time to try to taste culinary. You will feel a significant difference with the typicafromlinary area of ​​your area. Starting from taste, texture, to its appearance is very different from other areas. So if you feel a longing for all kinds of this area, it might be tough to meet him in another area.

  1. Marine worms

Maybe for the people living in the side of Papua regarding this laughable food. But for the people of Papua, especially Raja Ampat, marine worms become a day-day snack of the Ayau Islands community. The origin of typical food comes from the Raja Ampat area in the northern region. Before being processed, worms were obtained by the people of Raja Ampat not by cultivating, but by being hunted. The way to take it is to dredge sand using a hand then insert a small wooden stem-like stick into the sand that has been dredged earlier. After waiting for a moment, worms will wrap the stick. If there are no worms that have succeeded in wrapped around the stem of the stick, then the people of Raja Ampat live interesting the sticks of the stick. The captured worm will be cut into the tail and head, then processed into food. If tourists are curious about this unique food, tourists do not have to bother catching themselves. Because in downtown Raja Ampat and other Papua regions, this seaworm food has been sold a lot in a state of being ready to eat. The processing process is not immediately fried just like that but through certain steps.

This worm processing step is cleaned first by dividing parts of his body. After being split, the sand in his body was released and rinsed thoroughly. Furthermore, the worms are roasted using coconut shells, fibres, and firewood to taste. The cooked worms are very similar to potatoes. The difference is only from its chewy texture and when bitten is instead tough like when biting an octopus. These foods are usually served along with vegetables to make them more delicious.

  1. Baha-Baha

Baha-Baha is a typical food specifically presented by residents living in Lopintol Village, Mayalibit Bay District. The processing method is easy. Namely the wet sago is dried first after it was filtered using a filter.

Then the sago was mixed with grated coconut, and the sago mixture was heated using Teflon that had previously been coated with oil. Furthermore, the dough is spread to form a circle. When the mixture is brownish, the cross can be lifted and presented by rolling the dough. This typical food has a sweet taste. Baha-Baha is very suitable for a meal during the morning and evening with sweet tea drinks.

  1. Gani Nu

Exceptional food served specifically by residents living in Kampung Lopintol is another Ganithat that uses sago’s basic ingredients. This food is made using a special clay mold with the name Aba Na. How to process it is, the wet sago is filtered first with a filter and mixed with grated coconut. The taste of this sweet food and crispy texture. Usually, this food is served along with a hot coffee or teacup, so it feels more delicious. NU’s gani food is generally called sagu grilled because the processing process uses special firewood.

  1. Habo Kon

This typical food is a traditional food with sago basic ingredients with a mixture of BIA frog meat. Bia frog is not a frog or frog, but a large shell with a black and round shape. This frog shellfish usually lives in the area around mangroves. How Kun is a frog cleaned first and then boiled, then the dried sago mixed with some kitchen spices such as shallots, chili, grated coconut, chili, brown sugar and salt to form a dough. After forming a dough, the mixture is put in the shell that has been prepared. Then the shells will be baked or burned. Habo Kun’s taste tends to be savoury and salty and not too sweet. Habo Kun is usually referred to as sago bia frog.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, additional research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Raja Ampat by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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