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5 Maintenance Tips to Make your Hardwood Flooring Last Longer

Installation of hardwood flooring in your home can cost you a good amount of your hard-earned money. Getting hardwood floors installed is very easy if you have the budget and all other favorable conditions, but maintaining the floor is equally important because the lack of proper maintenance can cause it to lose its durability. Hence, proper maintenance of the hardwood flooring in your house has to be done regularly for which we are mentioning 5 useful tips below which can make your wood floors last longer:

  • You can sweep the dust out and vacuum your hardwood floor. While using a vacuum, you must take care of attaching the right hardwood floor adapter to prevent the hardwood from getting scratched.
  • You must use the proper cloth for wiping the hardwood. Microfiber is considered the best cloth material. You shouldn’t use strong cleaners or a buffing machine on the hardwood. Instead, use a cleaner that is specifically made for hardwood cleaning.
  • You should only use the right cleaning liquid which is dependent on the hardwood surface finishing and not on the quality of wood. If you use oil-based, polish, or wax related products the hardwood will lose its shine because of the presence of ammonia in such cleaners.
  • Don’t let spilled water remain on the hardwood floor for long. You must wipe out the water as soon as possible. In case there is stagnant water on the surface, dry it in any possible way, otherwise it can cause water damage to the hardwood surface.
  • Avoiding mopping your hardwood surface since mopping can be more water over it and this extra water could get absorbed by the fibers of the wood which can further lead to warping and swelling of the hardwood floor.

The tips mentioned above can help you in maintaining the durability of your hardwood flooring so that you don’t have to get a replacement before time, so it is essential to stick to these maintenance tips to make your hardwood floor last for a longer time. Flooring Raleigh NC can help you with the best floor installation in your budget.

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