5 Most Preferred Airlines For Flying Domestic

Booking domestic flights can become a tricky affair. You are often presented with more options than you can compare, which leads to booking a flight that may or may not cater to your specific needs. When booking domestic flights in India, the chances are that you’ll choose one of these five airlines. Keep reading to find all about these airlines.

All airlines try their best to ensure a premium flying experience for their travellers. Frequent flyers have their favourite so much so that they’ll not change their carrier even if it means paying a little extra. Here are the five most preferred airlines for domestic travel with the list of advantages they offer.

  • Indigo Airlines

Indigo Airlines opened in 2006 and is now the fastest-growing airline world-wide and the largest airline in the country by market share. Cost-conscious travellers for booking domestic flights prefer it. The USP of Indigo Airlines is providing on-time flight services that are budget-friendly.

Their targeted audience is the domestic middle/lower-middle-class flyers who prefer budget-friendly flights. The current number of total in-service fleets is 287with 625 more in order. Being the largest low-cost carriers of India, the domestic connectivity of Indigo flights is impeccable. Although International routes have yet to be established, they have international flights to destinations such as Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, Phuket, Kuala Lumpur, etc.

  • SpiceJet

With the slogan-’flying for everyone’, Spicejet is amongst the leading airline brands of the country. It operates 630 flights daily to 64 destinations, out of which 54 are domestic. The airline owns a fleet of Boeing aircraft and some smaller Bombardier airplanes for select destinations. The USP of SpiceJet is providing efficient services at the lowest of prices. It caters to a similar market as Indigo airlines, which include budget-conscious travellers. With its promoters providing a strong back-up, SpiceJet is becoming one of the largest low-cost carrier flights.

  • Air India

Air India is a government-owned enterprise, which is also the flag carrier flight of India. Air India Limited’s base is situated in New Delhi and flies domestic as well as internationally. While Air India is a full-service airline, the sister subsidiary Air India Express caters to cost-conscious flyers. Air India is known for its wide-bodied aircraft and comfortable seating, even on low-cost flights.

  • Vistara Airlines

Vistara is a full-service airline with Tata Sons as its parent company. It opened as a joint venture between Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines in the year 2015. The USP of Vistara is providing comfortable yet affordable flights along with luxury in-flight experience. The domestic full-service flight is often used by major corporates and also targets upper-middle/upper class. With a fleet of 45 in-service flights and 47 on order, Vistara connects 24 destinations and flies 1600 times a week.

  • Go Air 

Go Air is a low-cost airline based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. USP of this flight is to provide good flight services at the lowest prices. Go Air operates 28 domestic flights and owns a fleet of 57 in-service jets and 98 on order, and they make 1000 flight rounds in a week. Go Air flight booking is preferred by low-budget travellers and cost-conscious business flyers as well.

While Air India and Vistara are great flight options if you are looking for a more comfortable flight, they are not as cost-effective as Go Air, Spicejet, and Indigo. Low-cost carriers prove to be much better options for frequent flyers looking to reduce their travel cost. Apart from these, you can also choose some other regional airlines such as Air Deccan, Star Air, TruJet, etc.

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