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8 Types of Mattresses for a Comfy Sleep

Sleepless nights can be devastating and will affect your life so much. While problems in your work and social life can be never-ending, they’ll keep you tense all night. You can have a better lifestyle and diet to improve your health, but if sleep is compromised, every other thing you do for your health becomes insignificant. 

For a good night’s sleep, you must avoid using mobile phones and watching T.V. Avoid any screen and gadgets. You can also practice yoga in the morning and meditate during the evening to calm down your senses. And finally, get a nice bed to sleep peacefully and comfortably. To make a nice bed, you need a nice mattress from a brand like the Sealy Mattress, and a nice mattress lets you relax and have a good night.

You can opt for one from a variety of mattresses. So, purchase the one which will give you the most comfort and peace of mind.

The types of mattresses you can pick from are:

Memory Foam

These types of mattresses are best for side sleepers, as it gives support and comfort irrespective of the way you sleep. Memory foam always conforms to your body as you sleep and makes you partially surrounded by a mattress without sagging in the middle. This quality of memory foam is the reason why it is one of the most popular mattresses in the market.


The mattress is also known as a coil mattress, but why? Because it uses metal springs for internal support. You can measure the quality of an innerspring mattress by counting the number of coils in the design. The number of coils decides the comfort of the mattress. 

Pillow Tops

Side sleepers who don’t want memory foam can go for this one. As the name suggests, the pillow tops have an extra layer on the top made of very soft material. It is an additional layer of upholstery on top of the mattress, soft and cushiony, allowing a similar “sinking” feeling like the memory foam. This feature allows your shoulder and hip to sink into the pillow top and keep your back in a comfortable alignment.

These pillow tops are sometimes known to be installed on innerspring or coil mattresses.

Water Bed

This mattress uses water as the primary support system and is known to be best for back sleepers. It is made of a rectangular chamber of water that is padded with an upholstery material like foam or fibres. The water can be in a limited-flow (waveless) chamber or free-flow chamber. In a free-flow chamber mattress, nothing obstructs the water from moving from one end of the mattress to the other, whereas, in a waveless waterbed, the fibres will limit the water’s movement. One can choose the bed as per their requirement of support and flexibility.

Air Bed

Just like the water bed, the air bed uses a chamber filled with air for primary support. The chamber is padded with foam or fibre upholstery. The air chamber is also adjustable, letting you adjust the firmness of the bed. Some manufacturers provide the option to adjust both sides of the mattress separately in case your spouse or the person sleeping on the other side requires a different level of comfort. This mattress is excellent for back sleepers and couples with different firmness needs.


It is also known as smart gel mattresses. In this type of mattress, the gel is added to a foam mattress in the support system or upholstery layer. The gel mattress has a different feel than memory foam, so you may have to try both before choosing one. One advantage of gel mattresses is that they don’t absorb your body heat like foam mattresses.

Latex Mattresses

These types of mattresses have latex foam instead of memory foam. The latex type offers varying levels of plushness and firmness to accommodate back, side, or tummy sleepers. It is less dense and has a lower heat absorption than memory foam.

Adjustable Bases

These mattresses are very flexible, and they offer support and relief to your body. Its base can be elevated to raise one’s head or feet. It can also be adjusted to provide more back support. These mattresses are best for people suffering from sleep-related issues such as back pain, acid flux, muscle ache, sleep apnea, heartburn and the like.

These mattresses are useful for different people with different requirements. There are many brands like the Sealy Mattress, which provide a variety of mattresses for various purposes. So, just find the one you like and buy it.

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