9 Things You Didn’t Know About Bodyguards Protecting VIPs

Who among us has not seen a bodyguard protecting a VIP through the media? Almost everyone, if not everyone has seen the bodyguards Birmingham and Hollywood VIPs hire to follow them closely. While it can be fascinating to see these highly-trained bodyguards Manchester do their job, there’s still mystery and intrigue surrounding their tasks.

Here are some little known facts about bodyguards Birmingham that may or may not surprise the average person:

Fact #1: Protecting More Than Just People

There are many instances where the services and training of a body are needed to protect an asset during transportation. These assets can range from precious jewels, confidential documents, and people themselves. Bodyguards are there to make sure that the asset, what or whoever they are getting from Point A to Point B safely.

Fact #2: It’s Not All About Muscle

Not all bodyguards Manchester are big muscled men. In fact, the best bodyguards are those who have well developed “soft skills” which means they are excellent communicators and know how to be diplomatic and politically correct in tense situations.

Fact #3: Residential Protection Is Also Provided

Bodyguards don’t just protect VIPs when they’re outside. Some bodyguards actually offer residential or live-in protection to ensure their clients are safe from harm 24/7.

Fact #4: Some Bodyguards Are Women

Yes, not all bodyguards are men. There is a growing need for specially trained women bodyguards as they look less threatening and more approachable. Women VIPs also feel more comfortable having another woman protect them and feel less on edge with a female bodyguard.

Fact #5: Preventing Violence Is Better Than Managing It

A good majority of all bodyguards carry a weapon, but it is a belief of every good guard that using the weapon is considered an industry failure. Violence should be stopped before it begins to ensure everyone’s safety.

Fact #6: Blending In With The Crowd Is An Advantage

While it can be hard to ignore large and imposing bodyguards, the best ones are those that can actually blend in with the crowd. This allows them to keep an eye on their client without getting caught in the middle of the chaos.

Fact #7: Erratic Work Schedules Are Part Of The Job

A bodyguard should always be on call. Some clients will request their presence immediately, no matter the time or day. Days off are a rarity, and a good night’s sleep is near impossible.

Fact #8: Not Quite The Lifestyle Of The Rich And Famous

While their VIP clients may enjoy all the finer things in life, bodyguards rarely do. A bodyguard cannot let their guard down to enjoy a glass of champagne or a plate of expensive food. Their job is to stay alert and agile while their clients relax and have fun while in public.

Fact #9: “Buddyguards” Are Highly Discouraged

Bodyguards should maintain a professional relationship with their clients. Despite spending a lot of time with the client, becoming attached or crossing the boundary to friendship territory can be distracting and result in the failure to protect the client.

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