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A Beginner’s Guide to Wardrobe Essentials

Having a complete wardrobe is a dream for any fashion enthusiast, but you have to start somewhere. Knowing the essentials of any outfit will allow you to mix and match. You can make more complex combinations from there.

Tops, coats and jackets, shoes, and a pair of good-fitting pants are sometimes enough for a basic wardrobe, but wearing them all the time is boring. Knowledge on which clothing complements, supplements, or contradicts other clothing will allow you to make a virtually infinite combination of clothes.


Having a plain white T-shirt is the cornerstone of fashion. White can go with almost any colour, and pairing it with black will immediately make your outfit monochromatic. Although shirts are casual wear, you can still pair these with traditionally formal articles such as coats and jackets and leather shoes. To add, you can explore with other neutral colours for tees for a more atypical look.

Once you know the basics of wearing a basic T-shirt, you can now move to experiment with other tops such as collared shirts and tank tops. Tops also vary in construction, such as the neck style – the safest route would be round neck, but having good taste and experience can lead you to experiment with turtlenecks and V-necks.


Is the temperature outside low? Fear not, because you can wear your clothes with another set of clothes on top. Layering is a technique to blend innerwear with outerwear for the latter to complement the former. Besides providing more warmth and protection from the elements, outerwear provides new combinations and opportunities.

The most common outerwear are coats and jackets. These already vary from casual to formal dress codes, but you can still pull off the contrasting styles. For example, you can wear an office coat with a plain white shirt and short shorts. It is recommended to have a coat or jacket for one of each dress code to complement your wardrobe without cluttering it.

Good fitting pants

A pair of well fitting pants might be enough for one wardrobe. Blue jeans are the most common type of pants, and these also have the most variations, thanks to their appeal. Having a pair that fits you well goes a long way. Shirts are typically worn with pants, but a tank top, folded dress, or even a bustier is a great addition to pants.

Dress casual or formal

Dresses are becoming a trend again, and it is thanks to their versatility and a wide variety. Dresses are already a full-blown outfit, and you can wear them as. However, if you treat it like a top, you are given the opportunity to pair it with bottoms. Wearing pants with dresses is already common and is a great way to get more coverage. Since dresses are also innerwear, you can pair them with jackets to appear taller.

Now that you know the basics of a wardrobe, you can start experimenting with your clothes. Once you fully understand how the basics work, you can start exploring more complex designs and colours. There are also plenty of fashion guides on the internet to help you sort your outfits. Just be careful not to get carried away by fashion trends, as buyer’s remorse will ruin your day.

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