A Complete Guide To The Printing Methods Used By The Web-To-Print Industry!

Well, if you have landed here you might be scrolling about the various methods of printing. When you Google, you will find a lot of options that can evolve around your requirements. Any Print Factory prefers giving personalized printed goods like t-shirts, mugs, mobile covers, etc. for their customers with the freedom to create their design. So it becomes important for them to know about the different methods of printing that are used in the web-to-print industry. 

Explore The Different Printing Methods Here!

Are you looking for a perfect design for printing? If yes, you are in the right place. Check out the various styles of printing that can make your design look classy and unique. Scroll now!

  • Digital Printing

Here customers can visit the website and provide digital images that are then reproduced on physical surfaces by using industrial and desktop-sized printers. You can create a blend of different colors with high resolution to suit your printing needs. 

  • Screen Printing

This method uses various brightly colored inks to print posters, t-shirts, or other promotional items. Here a design is put on top of the screen, covered with photo emulsion, and exposed to light so that the emulsion can harden up and the rest of it is washed away leaving the final print

  • Flexography Printing

This kind of hang tag printing Is used web presses to print on long and continuous rolls of paper with the help of water-based ink and rubber plates for faster and better printing. 

  • Litho Printing

Litho Printing helps you use full-color prints on various kinds of physical surfaces with high-resolution printing that also allows you to personalize the message effectively. 

  • Transfer Printing

Transfer printing helps you portray an image on a curved or uneven surface like porcelain or cloth surfaces. You would need to Visit the Website and provide full digital images with high-resolution images which you can then print on multiple types of surfaces. 

  • Engraving

Engraving is expensive and time taking which is why it is used on special occasions like sending royal invitations or business cards. Here the image is engraved by hand or machine on a metal plate and then filled with ink while the paper is pressed on it giving you a three-dimensional image.


At last, it’s time to pick the one that suits you. Print Factory owners need to decide on the kind of printing methods they should use based on the demand as well as their capacity to fulfill it. It makes more sense to be the master of one printing method (like Hang Tag Printing) than to be the Jack of all.

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