Benefits Of Incorporating Secretarial Services: Company Secretary In Hong Kong

You should comply with the Company Act of Hongkong to incorporate your company. Furthermore, it is mandatory to hire a company secretary to start a business in Hong Kong.

Company secretaries are responsible for the legal activities of a company, which include conducting and attending board meetings, liaison with shareholders, directors, board members, and staff, and recording any changes or modifications on the details of shares or members of the company in the company registry. They also provide pertinent advice regarding corporate law and statutory ordinances.

The company secretary providing secretarial services in Hong Kong must be a permanent resident, and s/he should be 18 years or above. Likewise, if it’s the firm or company providing secretarial services, it must be located within the periphery of Hong Kong.

The corporate secretary provides you with excellent practice in business. Look into the article to know more about the benefits you can receive from secretarial services in Hong Kong:

Acts As Representative Of The Company

The corporate secretary deals with the Hong Kong government on behalf of the company. They provide all the details of company shares, legal liabilities, updated details of statutory books to the administration of Hong Kong when required. They not only deal with legal matters but also look into any complex issues and are ready for explanations.

Company secretaries are responsible to supervise the company reports and accounts, and their distribution to the board members and shareholders of the corporation. The company secretary in Hong Kong keeps an eye on all the business operations beginning from registration of the company till its life-line.

Legal Requirements

You can’t incorporate your business in Hong Kong without having a qualified corporate secretary. This is made mandatory by the company ordinances of Hong Kong to prevent conflicts that may arise in the company and to operate all the business activities smoothly.

Also, they facilitate the compliance of the company with several other regulatory frameworks of Hong Kong. So, it is crucial to select an expert, experienced, and qualified company secretary that knows laws and their implementation in Hong Kong for operating your business.

Tax Obligation Of The Company

The company secretary in Hong Kong benefits you not only by complying with the regulatory framework of Hong Kong but also, they facilitate your business with extended services of administration and governance process, decision making, and problem-solving strategies.

The next thing Hong Kong governance highlights are the compliances of taxes. The company secretary eases and maintains all the tax-related issues of the business and complies the company with the tax obligations of Hong Kong.

They ensure the details of the business are provided to the Inland Revenue Department of Hong Kong and also assure the tax returns are maintained accurately and timely at the end of the financial year.


Hiring a secretarial service keeps you in comfort. You have to work hard for the startup business in Hong Kong to flourish and succeed. You cannot waste your time and therefore, recruiting a trustworthy company secretary in Hong Kong operates your business activities proficiently. You can relax and engage yourself in targeting the mission and vision of the business.

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