Benefits Offered by the Best Thai Massage in Canberra

Thai massage originated in India and has been around for more than 2,500 years. In the past, it was regarded as a healing art with traditional Thai massage being influenced by both traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine.

Unlike more Western-style massages, it does not involve lying on a massage bed while someone applies oil to the body and kneads the pressure points and muscles. Instead, someone getting the best Thai massage in Canberra will remain fully clothed and lie down on a mat that is placed on the ground. At this point, the practitioner will use pulling, rocking, and stretching techniques to help relieve tension, improve circulation and flexibility, and promote relaxation.

Sometimes, Thai massage is called assisted yoga. The goal of this massage is to improve the movement and flow of energy in the body. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of this type of massage.

Headache Relief

If someone deals with tension or migraine headaches, then Thai massage may be beneficial in easing these symptoms. According to a few smaller studies that involved individuals who dealt with chronic headaches, it was discovered that Thai massage can help reduce the intensity and duration of both tension and migraine headaches.

Back Pain Reduction

The massage may also be effective as a nonpharmaceutical method for reducing cases of back pain. Some studies have shown that this type of massage has helped to reduce back pain related to trigger points in the upper portion of the back.

Relief for Pain and Joint Stiffness

With Thai massage, it is possible to improve joint function if someone experiences stiffness and pain when they move. After ongoing Thai massage combined with wand exercises, it was discovered that participants in a recent study felt much less pain and walked more easily after completing an eight-week treatment program.

Increase Range of Motion and Flexibility

If someone has noticed their flexibility and range of motion are impacting their athletic performance or making it more challenging to get around, Thai massage may be beneficial. It is important to find a practitioner who understands how to apply the right pressure and treatment to ensure full relief is achieved.

Ease Anxiety

While the physical benefits of Thai massage are vast, there are other benefits, too. For example, Thai massage can promote a sense of relaxation and calm to individuals who have one regularly. In fact, according to brain scans of individuals who received a Thai massage showed lower anxiety and more relaxation than those who received physical therapy for the same issues.

Finding the Right Practitioner for the Massage

When someone wants to have a Thai massage, they need to find someone who is properly trained and has plenty of experience with this treatment. This is the only way to ensure that the above benefits will be seen. Be sure to keep the information here in mind to know what to expect during this massage experience. In most cases, people are going to have nothing but good things to say about their Thai massage experience.

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