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Best Basement Flooring Options  

The best part about basement flooring is that almost any kind of flooring is good to install in a basement. If the flooring is properly installed, it can stand up to the high humidity and damp conditions. The only exceptions are laminate flooring and solid wood laminate flooring. Both of them are not treated for moisture resistance and they absorb moisture, which can cause heavy damages. It is a fact that there are lots of basement flooring options for you, but basements are not trouble-free. You can install a vapor barrier under the flooring to keep the floor unaffected.

Basement flooring options

Some of the best basements flooring options are mentioned below:

  • Epoxy floor coatings– If you can live with hard surface flooring, you can go for Epoxy floor coatings. They come with various color options and are completely waterproof. These floor coatings are easy to apply as well.
  • Ceramic tile– Ceramic tiles are considered as the designers’ choice. There are plenty of style and color options available in with tiles. Tiles are unaffected by water and moisture. The tiles get directly into the concrete and free the surface from cracks.
  • Sheet and vinyl tiles– Vinyl tile and sheet flooring is spread on the concrete and it can withstand minor flooding as well. The resilient vinyl floor offers cushioning under the foot and is quite inexpensive. You can find the best vinyl planks by searching for vinyl flooring near me. Vinyl tile serves as an efficient replica of real stone and ceramic tile.
  • Rubber flooring– These come in DIY friendly tiles and sheets. You will find various color options and it is fun to create your designs. These kinds of floors are cushioned and serve as the best choice for basements.
  • Engineered wood flooring– This kind of flooring provides the beauty and warmth of real wood. It is stable and highly resistant to moisture. They are east to be installed as floating floor system. If you choose engineered wood flooring, you should choose the below-grade basement standards.

No matter whichever flooring you choose, you should try to keep your basement dry. You can add extensions to the downspouts so that water takes the exit from at least five feet away from the house. If your basement is dry, the flooring would last for a longer duration and you can keep tensions away.

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