Choosing Between Lipozene and SlimQuick

There are many different types of weight loss aids available, but two of the most popular ones are Lipozene and SlimQuick. Both of these products work effectively in their own way; people have their own opinions about which one is better. 

Lipozene vs. SlimQuick

Lipozene is a weight loss supplement whose active ingredient is extracted from the root of the Asian konjac plant. This ingredient, Glucomannan, is a dietary fiber. It is water-soluble and helps with weight loss by absorbing the water in the stomach and turning into an extremely thick gel. This gel provides the stomach with a feeling of fullness thus allowing the consumer to eat smaller portions. This appetite suppressant property is what allows Lipozene to help with weight loss. 

SlimQuick is a dietary aid that helps with weight loss by boosting energy; suppressing the appetite; boosting the metabolism; reducing water weight; relieving stress; and assisting some hormones in their actions. According to the manufacturer, SlimQuick is the only product that has been specifically designed to allow women to triple their weight loss. Among the ingredients in SlimQuick are green tea extract and caffeine.

Choosing the Best Product

Like many weight loss supplements, SlimQuick contains caffeine. For those who have no problems with caffeine, they may experience success with this product. However, those who do not tolerate caffeine well may do better with Lipozene, a natural product that contains no caffeine. Each product works well in its own way, and each person has to choose a product based on personal choice and body chemistry (this has a lot to do with whether a product will help with weight loss).


Both SlimQuick and Lipozene are weight loss supplements though SlimQuick is formulated to help women better. Since it is said to boost metabolism, people may think exercise is not important, but this must be part of any weight loss program. Look at the benefits of both products before deciding which one will best meet your needs. 

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