Comparing standing desks for your workplace: Top factors that matter!

There is enough scientific evidence that says that sitting in a sedentary position for long hours can have a detrimental impact on your health in many ways. Unfortunately, most of us have jobs that require us to sit for long hours. You can change that by investing in a standing desk. Also called standing workstations, sit to stand desks, or standup desks, these are designed to allow the use to sit and stand as required. Brands like PrimeCables have electric standing desks, which can remind you that you have been sitting for too long and must work in a standing position.

Selecting a standing desk can be confusing, but here’s what a buyer needs to know.

Find more on adjustments

Some standing desks run on electric power, as we just mentioned, and adjustments can be made with just one button. These electric standing desks are super easy to use, don’t make a lot of noise, and have preset settings. On the other hand, there are also manual standing desks, which have to be adjusted for height on your own, and there are also options that rely on hydraulics. In short, select a desk that doesn’t require too much effort to change positions, because that may impact your productivity.


For electric standing desks, you can expect a warranty of at least one year. Keep in mind that the desk will be useless if the mechanics do not work normally, so always go for a brand that you can rely on and offers good aftersales service. Extended warranties can be availed for selected standing desks.

Noise level, height and more

Depending on who is going to use the standing desk, you have to consider the minimum and maximum height. For example, if the person is too short, the height of the table in a standing position can be too high for him/her. You would want to have as much flexibility as possible in that context. Since you have to adjust height many times in the day, the noise level is something to be considered. Make sure that the standing desk doesn’t become a matter of nuisance for others.

Is the tabletop included?

This is often an important question that buyers forget. Many standing desks don’t have the tabletop, because people like to get it customized, but that also means that the overall cost of the workstation will increase.

Considering the advantages, look for electric models as your best choice.

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